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A woman is a female human adult. When a girl grows up, she becomes a woman.

A woman has the same family relationships as a girl (daughter, niece, sister, ...), plus possibly some additional ones: she can be the wife of her husband, the mother of her children, the grandmother of her grandchildren, and the aunt of her nephews and nieces.

In spanking art, women come in two main roles: as spankees and as spankers.

Spanking women[edit]

Spanking art that features women as spankees is called woman spanking art. Linked to the gender of the spanker, popular sub-categories are M/F and F/F. Both of these show more often erotic spanking than disciplinary spanking.

Women as spankers[edit]

Spanking art that features women as spankers has no particular name. If the spankee is a man (so the combination is F/M), it is sometimes called femdom art.

Linked to the age and gender of the spankee, popular sub-categories are F/F, F/M, F/f and F/m.

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