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Witches of Kinter (formerly known as Seasons of the Witch) is an incomplete spanking story series by Lawrence Kinden and is part of the Aynafesse Chronicles. It is a plot driven story featuring m/f spankings in an urban fantasy setting. The story features the adventures of five teenaged witches or magi who come into their powers. The spankings in this series are generally as punishment for misuse of power.


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Year I Seasonal Stories:[edit]

Year I is broken up into five parts, each part revolving around one of the characters in the coven. The overarching threads in Year I are the characters' struggles against bullies, and the mystery of magical visions about a severe man with an evil artifact.

Autumn Story
Autumn story focuses on Zoë al'Hallow. Zoë's mother has received a promotion and so the whole family moves away from NewAiph to a small town on the other side of the country called Kinter. In Kinter, Zoë befriends a girl named Amber, and almost immediately gets on the wrong side of the bully duo Becky and Tess as well as her homeroom teacher, Ms. Dunn. Zoë stands up to the bullying, and a few weeks in she stops Jack Orion, a large boy, from picking on a smaller boy, Davie Chance. Davie immediately begins hanging out with Zoë and the two become friends. Zoë's willingness to stand up to the bullies draws their further until she realizes she'll need to use magic to even the odds.
Winter Story
Winter Story focuses on Christina Yule. Christy is a generous person and has designed a large scale donation and Winter Solstice celebration. Though the principal thinks that she is reaching far beyond her means, he encourages her to give it a shot. Meanwhile, Christy is certain that Zoë al'Hallow is like her, a witch, and wants to start a coven, though her mother expresses reservations. Christy pursues her dual quests with enthuiasim. The Solstice donation is a hit and after a shared dream, she and Zoë get to know one another. However, Becky Dawn has set her sights on Christy Yule.
Spring Story
Spring Story focuses on Esther Dawn. It is revealed that Esther Rebecca "Becky" Dawn has become a bully because she was desperate to have friends after moving to Kinter. Tessa Jordan was the first girl she met and Tess' stereotypical "bad girl" mentality drove Esther to engage in and even take pleasure in being that person. But as the Spring Equinox approaches, Becky begins to have dreams in which she remembers her Aunt April arguing with her mother about magic. Soon she beings to experience visions and decides that she doesn't want to be a mean girl anymore, though she's not sure she can trust Zoë who she is certain spanked her via magic several months previous.
Summer Story
Summer Story focuses on Amber Litha. Amber met Zoë at the beginning of the school year in autumn. During the summer, she deals with her temper while leading the coven in their meditations and magic practice. She is certain that she will do something to earn herself a spanking this season. Her certainty bears fruit when Amber goes to the local pool early one morning. There she meets Tessa Jordan who threatens her with a witch burning. Amber uses her powers of summer to subdue Tessa, but quickly feels the guilt of her actions. She asks Davie to spank her.
Justice Story
Justice Story focuses on David Chance. Davie's relationship with his parents, especially his mother, isn't going well. To make matters worse, he's encountered a new bully at freshman orientation. Oddly, Jack Orion seems to want to stand up for him. On the magical front, the coven finally meet face to face with the man from the visions, and he turns out to be their high school principal.

Year II Journeys and Ordeals:[edit]

Thus far there are only two parts to this story.

Autumn Quest
Drawn by the power of autumn, Zoë chases after a shard of the black gem. She finds herself far in the past, only a few years after the destruction of Aiphledaliph. There she meets and befriends Virginia Angelica Gale, an Aeromancer. At Virginia's father's house, Zoë meet's Virginia's evil step mother and witnesses a spanking. Afterward, Virginia tells Zoë that the shard of stone is here and that a man with a scar seeks it. With the help of Virginia's girlfriend, Terra, the three confront Mr. Jordan, the man with the scar.
Ordeal of Justice
Each girl in turn is possessed by a deamon, bearing a shard of the black gem. Davie must exorcise the deamon using the aether-wrought switch as his instrument of justice.

Primary Protagonists[edit]

Zoë al'Hallow
Zoe is an autumn witch. She is reserved, but quick to defend her friends with her sharp tongue. She had been described by others as being confident and unafraid. She was the first of the coven to be spanked by Davie Chance. During her time traveling adventure in Year II, Zoë is referred to as a raven by Virginia Gale. At the climax of the adventure, Zoë has sprouted black wings from her back. During Davie's trail of exorcism, Zoë is possessed by the Deamon of Apathy.
Her last name, "al'Hallow" is claimed as an old word for the Autumn Equinox by Christy; in real life, it is derived from "All Hallows Eve", another name for Halloween. Her colors are black and orange.
Christina "Christy" Yule
Christy is a winter witch. Christy is a kind, outgoing, and generous person. She has what she considers "over active tear ducts" which makes her eyes tear up even when she isn't crying. She's also sensitive about being a little pudgy. During Davie's trial of exorcism, Christy is possessed by the Deamon of Greed.
Her name references the Christmas holiday twice: Christy sharing the first five letters with Christmas, and Yule being another name for Christmas.
Esther Rebecca Dawn
Esther is the spring witch. Initially an antagonist, Esther went by the name Becky, a diminutive of her middle name, and was a stereotypical "mean girl". After she is spanked by Zoë, she begins to have a change of heart as well as dreams that reveal her magical heritage. Esther is a gentle, shy, and kind girl. During Davie's trial of exorcism, Esther is possessed by the Deamon of Lust.
Esther's name comes from the goddess Oesther, a goddess of the spring and dawn and where the holiday Easter gets its name.
Amber Litha
Amber is a strong, tall, and athletic girl who befriends Zoë on Zoë's first day in Kinter. Though she knows Zoëis different, she doesn't realize that the other is also a witch until that winter. Amber has a strong personality and has little tolerance for bullying. During Davie's trial of exorcism, Amber is possessed by the Deamon of Anger.
Amber's last name, "Litha" is a word sometimes used for Midsummer based upon the Anglo-Saxon words for June and July.
David "Davie" Chance
Davie is a shy and quiet boy who is brought out of his shell by Zoë. He is a small boy though on several occasions he is noted for having large hands. Davie becomes Zoë's boyfriend by the end of Autumn Story after spanking her. Since then, he has spanked each of the other girls in the coven. Davie eventually comes into his power as a justice witch. Davie has also amassed a small fortune by playing the stock markets and buys the coven a small cottage on the south side of town. During his trial of exorcism, Davie is possessed by the Deamon of Arrogance and is spanked by Christy.
Though Davie's friends use the diminutive of his name, his mother calls him "David". He is also called David by the Magician who claims it is a name for a king, referencing the biblical King David.

Other characters[edit]

Ms. Dunn
Zoe's homeroom teacher in eigth grade and a bully. She is spanked by Zoë in Autumn Story.
Tessa Jordan
Tessa is a bully and Becky's (Esther) partner in bullying early in Year 1. She's considered quite beautiful, but not as bright as Becky. She's an excellent swimmer. She is spanked by Zoë in Autumn Story and by Amber in Summer Story.
Mr. Jordan
The principal of Kinter High School, known to the heroes as the Corruptor, he holds an evil artifact. The coven first sees him in a vision, its not until their first day of high school when he calls them in and paddles them severly that they realize he's also their principal.
Jack Orion
A large bully who follows around Tess and Becky. He seems to have matured by Year 2.
Aaron Stonebrook
A senior at KHS in Year 2, he has taken to bullying Davie.

Symbols, Tropes, & Notes[edit]

Kinden doesn't refer to real world holidays in this story, but rather to the Equinoxes and Solstices as holidays. Each equinox and solstice are times of great magical energy, allowing for greater magics than normal.
The Moon
The moon holds connotations of justice, based upon the yin yang, a symbol of balance. Curiously, in real life, the moon is a feminine symbol and sometimes a symbol of madness (lunacy).