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Wintermute is a U.S. author of fictional spanking stories. Some of his stories involve sexual adult spankings, others are spankings given by adults to children (disciplinary, without any explict sexual content).

Wintermute has written stories of the following pairings: M/F, M/f, F/M, F/m, F/F, F/f. He has also written some non-fiction on spanking, for example One way to give a hard spanking and The Spanking Fetishist James Joyce.

Wintermute's stories are found on his free site Wintermute's Spanking Stories. Some of them have been originally published on the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup. His website also features spanking stories of another author, Naomi Darvell, and has a good and well-commented links section too. As of December 2006, Wintermute is currently in the process of moving his stories to their own domain at Hot Bottom Stories.

Wintermute is a pseudonym chosen by the author. The full name is Case Wintermute, but he prefers to be called just Wintermute. He is a heterosexual male spanking fetishist, switch, married, 48 years old (as of 2006), and lives in the California Bay Area Sprawl.