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Self-portrait of Wilhelm Busch at age 62.

Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908) was a German painter, cartoonist, and poet. He is best known for his satirical picture stories. He was not only an early master of the cartoon and caricature but also very skilled as a writer of humorous verse; a lot of his illustrated stories are rhymed from beginning to end. Only a few of them were ever translated into english.

Wilhelm Busch loved to draw spanking scenes. Most of these drawings are boy spanking art (M/m spanking scenes).

Wilhelm Busch's best-known characters are "Max and Moritz", two mischievous boys, who a few decades later became the inspiration for the characters Hans and Fritz from the U.S. comic strip The Katzenjammer Kids. Unlike Hans and Fritz, though, and unlike other characters of Wilhelm Busch, Max and Moritz never got spanked or otherwise punished for their pranks. Instead, they end up being caught by a farmer, taken to a mill, ground to bits, and devoured by ducks.

Spanking scenes in Wilhelm Busch's works[edit]

Der kleine Pepi mit der neuen Hose (Little Pepi with his new trousers), M/m spanking cartoon by Wilhelm Busch, 1860
  • Der kleine Pepi mit der neuen Hose (Little Pepi with his new trousers) - a boy tears the seat of his new trousers and gets a switching as a reminder that a pair of new trousers is expensive.
  • Silen - from Die Haarbeutel. A fat and drunk Silen spanks the naked boy Amor (Cupid) with his Thyrsus in a head-between-legs position.
  • Naturgeschichtliches Alphabet - at the letter E, an elephant teacher is shown caning a donkey (meaning stupid) pupil.
  • Die Rutschpartie (Sliding Party) - the boy is caned while stuck in the snow. Other version
  • Plisch und Plum - the story of two boys and their dogs. In chapter 6, the boys start fighting with their whips and get almost caned by their father. In chapter 7, they are sent to a private tutor, who lays them over his lectern (side by side) and applies his hazel switch to their bottoms. The dogs, too get their hides tanned.
  • Schmied und Teufel (Smith and Devil) - a smith catches and punishes the devil, including a "spanking" with his hammer.
  • Müller und Schornsteinfeger (Miller and Chimney Sweeper) - a chimney sweeper birches the miller with his broom.
  • Tobias Knopp - a boy named Franz is given a preventative spanking by his father, Meister Druff.
  • Die Drachen - two boys steal apples and get whipped for it. Contains bondage.
  • Hänsel und Gretel - a boy and girl disobey their mother by going into a forest, where they get caught and almost eaten by a witch and a cannibal. Eventually they escape and return home safely, two be welcomed by their mother with a big birch rod. The actual punishment is not shown and left to the reader's imagination.
  • Schnurrdiburr chapter 3 - a 14-year-old boy gives a girl a kiss and is given the cane for it.
  • Bilder zur Jobsiade:
    • Chapter 2: a boy plays a prank on his teacher and is chastised on the spot, laid over a table, with a pipe.
    • Chapter 8: three men get 25 strokes with a cane, bent over a bench.
  • Der hohle Zahn - a man canes his wife.
  • Pater Filuzius - a man is caned by a teacher.
  • Der schöne Ritter - a man, in a knight's costume, is caned.
  • Die Verwandlung - a woman threatens her boy with a switch.
  • Der Lohn des Fleißes - a dog is spanked with a stick.
  • Der Affe und der Schusterjunge - a monkey is caned.
  • Der Bauer und das Kalb - a farmer canes his calf.
  • Der Bauer und sein Schwein - a farmer is attacked with a cane.
  • Der Kuchenteig (1863, rediscovered 2008) - a boy is caned by his father. (selected images)


Other works of interest[edit]

The last panel of Das Bad am Samstagabend (1868).

There are no spanking scenes in these works, but visually and/or thematically related subject matter:

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