Wildly Available

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Wildly Available (1999) is an American independent film written and directed by Michael Nolin. It stars Kristoffer Tabori, Jane Kaczmarek, and Jennifer Sommerfield.


Joe Goodman (Tabori), is a photographer who is having marital problems with his wife Rita (Kaczmarek). He begins an affair with a young, attractive exotic dancer/dominatrix named Wendy (Sommerfield) whom he meets at a friend's bachelor party. Wendy introduces Joe to her fast life of S&M and erotica which brings out Joe's carnal urges but eventually threatens his marriage.

The spanking scene[edit]

Joe begins as Wendy's willing submissive but gradually becomes the dominant player in their relationship. In a key scene where she is wearing only a thong and a dog collar, he orders her to attach a pair of nipple clamps. She then bends over the bed. Joe gives her five hard strokes with a leather flogger across her ass. From a face-angle view we see her reaction to each stroke.

  • This scene can be viewed online at: YourFileHost  Warning: 18+

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