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A wife is a female married life partner, typically of her husband. In some countries today, same-sex marriages are permitted also, so strictly speaking, a wife does not always have a husband.

Wives in spanking art[edit]

A wealthy mill owner loses control of his wife and her two sisters. OTTO

In spanking stories and spanking art, wifes play various roles. They can be disciplinarians of their children as well as spankers or spankees of their husbands.

Traditionally, in many countries, wifes were subject to legal corporal punishment by their husbands; in some non-western countries this is still common and legal today.

In western countries, non-consensual wife spanking is known as domestic violence, while its consensual and therefore legal variant is called domestic discipline. In spanking art, husband/wife spanking is a type of M/F.

However, also many men find the opposite particularly erotic: women dominating, humiliating and punishing men, which is known as femdom or F/M.

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