Well Smacked Seat

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Well Smacked Seat is a British (UK) producer of spanking videos as well as a pay site specializing in domestic scenarios. The company is owned by Girl Next Door Productions and has been affiliated with the spanking classifieds site LondonSpanking.com since 2014.

Style and content[edit]

The company's videos feature all female (F/F) pairings in a school and sometimes domestic setting. The majority of the titles involve classroom punishment scenes set in the fictional Bellington Academy. Here, uniformed schoolgirls receive old-fashioned corporal punishment (via cane, paddle, strap, etc.) from a strict headmistress. Miss Elsa Svenson plays the disciplinarian role in nearly all of the titles.

The elaborate, well-appointed classroom the company frequently uses is the same set that appears in dozens of videos by fellow spanking video producer Firm Hand Spanking.


A few well-known spanking actresses have worked (as spankees) for Well Smacked Seat such as Danielle Hunt, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, and Sarah Gregory. Miss Svenson has also appeared as a spanker in several videos for Gregory's Momma Spankings production company in the U.S.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Bed Time Story (Sarah Gregory)
  • Bellington Academy: As Time Goes By (photos)
  • Caning Delight
  • Cathrine
  • The Cheeky Girls
  • Cigarettes and a Bottle of Gin (Danielle Hunt)
  • Desiree
  • Enough is Enough (photos)
  • Fifty Minutes Late - tardy theme
  • Five O'clock Birching
  • Five Words
  • French for Beginners
  • From Scotland With Love
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun (photos)
  • Georgina (photos)
  • Glamour Girls (photos)
  • Helen
  • Helen's Mistake
  • Initiation Continues
  • The Joy Of Music
  • Kissing The Gunners Daughter (photos)
  • A Lesson For Joanna
  • A Lesson For Mary
  • Lessons Learnt
  • Little Ballerina - ballet
  • Lola
  • Marianne (photos)
  • Maureen
  • Merchant Of Venice
  • Miss Svenson Punishes A Naughty Pupil
  • The Pantomime (Amelia Jane Rutherford), photos
  • Pyjama Girls
  • Sandra
  • A Serious Mistake
  • She is Sorry Now
  • Sisters of Purity - Amelia Jane Rutherford (photos), nun discipline story
  • Sweet Torment
  • Triple Trouble
  • A Wake Up Call (Sarah Gregory, photos), stealing story
  • Work Experience