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Well Smacked Seat is a British (UK) producer of mostly F/F (and F/M) spanking videos as well as a pay site specializing in domestic and classroom discipline scenarios. The company is owned by Girl NextDoor Productions and has been affiliated with the spanking classifieds site LondonSpanking.com since 2014.

Spanking actress Miss Elsa Svenson appears to be the sole owner/manager as well as a frequent on-camera disciplinarian. The majority of the videos are filmed at her Victorian cottage in Gillingham, Kent. For legal reasons, the company's official business address is located in the Netherlands.

Style and content[edit]

The company originally produced only traditional, all-female (F/F) discipline content, but has since expanded into three separate categories:

  • Well Smacked Seat (original) - All-female pairings in a school and sometimes domestic setting. The majority involve classroom punishment scenes, many of which are set in the fictional Bellington Academy. Here, uniformed schoolgirls receive old-fashioned corporal punishment (via cane, paddle, strap, etc.) from a strict teacher. Elsa Svenson (as headmistress Miss Svenson), appears as the disciplinarian in the majority of these titles. There are also eight other actresses who play teachers and other authority figures.
  • Forbidden Fruit Films (est. 2020) - All-female features with a mildly sexualized "pain and pleasure" theme. Includes many titles from their main catalog.
  • Ouchhh! (est. 2017) - Femdom (F/M) stories "where Strict Dominant Women meet submissive men".

The company typically produces long-form stories (60 minutes or more in length) with a cast of several characters. These videos are also broken down into shorter segments that can be downloaded from their homepage and Clips4sale site (see Links section below).


Most of the cast members are young, unknown British actresses and models. Several well-known spanking actresses, have also appeared (as spankees), such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, and others appearing under aliases including: Pandora Blake (as Victorian and Jane), Sarah Gregory (Jennifer), Danielle Hunt (Jane), Maisie Dee (Josephine), Ella Hughes (Alice), Lucy Lauren (Dorothy), Lola Marie, Nicky Montford (Nicola) and disciplinarian Miss (Clara) Mathews.

Svenson, who describes herself as Scandinavian, has a heavy accent and is most likely Swedish. At the Well Smacked Seat website she also maintains a personal blog and offers her services as a pro-domme (website). She describes her location as "a lovely cottage with lots of privacy in the Medway area in Kent. There I have created a study/schoolroom with lots of atmosphere which takes you right back to the 1950s. Over the years I have collected a large number of authentic implements including, canes in all sizes, think leather straps and original Lochgelly tawses."

She has also appeared as a spanker in several videos for Sarah Gregory's Momma Spankings production company in the U.S.

Spanking videos[edit]

  • Bellington Academy: As Time Goes By 8 - photos
  • Bellington Academy: As Time Goes By 11 - photos
  • French for Beginners 1-7 (Bellington Academy), Bonnie May, Misa Ashbrook, Rebecca (photos, part 2 photos)
  • From Scotland with Love, Part 1 - Miss Elsa Svenson, Charlotte Appleby, photos
  • From Scotland with Love, Part 2 - Charlotte Appleby, photos
  • A Serious Mistake (Bellington Academy), Miss Elsa Svenson, Rebecca, Susie Li, photos
  • She Broke the Rules - Miss Elsa Svenson, Violet, vaulting-buck, photos
  • Sorry, Miss 6 - Miss Elsa Svenson, Vanessa, photos
  • Striped and Sorry 1 (2020), Susie Li, photos
  • Striped and Sorry 2 (2020), photos
  • Striped and Sorry 3 (2020), photos
  • Striped and Sorry 4 (2020), photos