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Nancy gets spanked on Weeds.

Weeds is an American television series, currently comprising four seasons that began airing in August, 2005. The plot revolves around Nancy Botwin (played by Mary-Louise Parker), a widowed housewife from an affluent California suburb who becomes an upper middle class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Spanking scenes[edit]

Mary-Louise Parker argues with a major drug supplier while they sit in his limousine. He loses his temper and abruptly pulls her onto his lap, lifts up her dress and gives her a fast and hard hand smacking. He lets her go after around 20 slaps. She later sits down, causing her to gasp in pain. In a later scene she looks at her bruises in the mirror.

In the October 2010 episode "Gentle Puppies" (season 6, episode 8), Mary-Louise Parker has a wild, energetic sex scene in an empty bar. Her boyfriend rips her clothes off, bends her over the bar, and gives her two brisk hand spanks. (video clip)

In season 8, episode 2 ("A Beam of Sunshine", 2012), Silas (Hunter Parrish) dominates and verbally taunts Kiki (Kat Foster) while spanking her with a leather paddle. She is gagged and bound to a spanking bench. (Video clip on YouTube.)

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YouTube videos[edit]

Nancy sits down after being spanked.

Nancy spanks her son Shane after he tells her to stop pretending to be a mom.