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From, a website that produces political satire and entertainment.

A website (also known as web site, or just site for short) is a collection of pages that is accessible via the World Wide Web using the HTTP protocol. Websites are accessed using a software called a web browser. Examples of popular web browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

The contents of webpages may include text and images, as well as multimedia elements such as audio and video. Very common is the use of hypertext, i.e. marked-up text that contains links which, when clicked, will load another page. In addition, some pages may contain interactive elements such as forms to enter text.

Some websites, especially pornographic ones, use an AVS (adult verification system) to ensure that only adults can view their content. In addition, pornographic websites often require payment and membership to access their content. These are called pay sites.

Wikis are special websites that allow everyone not only to read their contents but also to edit and change it. For other kinds of interactive websites, see web forums, web groups, guestbooks, oekakis and blogs.

For a list of web links to free full-length spanking videos online, see Spanking videos on the Internet.

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