Wagon Train

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Wagon Train is a western TV series that ran from 1957 to 1965. Each episode centers around travelers as they trek westward across the untamed American frontier in the late-19th century.

Episodes with spanking scenes[edit]

The 1960 episode "The Maggie Hamilton Story" is partly a retelling of The Taming of the Shrew with a spoiled and tempestuous young woman (Susan Oliver) who causes trouble throughout the story. At the conclusion of the episode, the cowboy who has been looking after her loses his temper and pulls her over his knee. She gets a very vigorous hand spanking, one of the most forceful examples seen on television. As with so many stories of this nature, this act instantly transforms her into a more proper and respectful young lady.

In "The Nancy Styles Story" (1964), Deborah Walley also plays a spoiled, constantly complaining young lady. At the end of the story, she watches series star John McIntire take her boyfriend over his knee. After she remarks that she would have been better off if her father had spanked her, McIntire grabs the young lady and gives her several hand swats as the scene fades out.

The entire episode can be seen on YouTube.

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