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Sculpture of crouching Venus in Uman, Ukraine.

Venus is the classical Roman goddess of love, often equated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. She was considered to have been the mother of Cupid. Sexual desire came under her dominion, and so did matters "of the flesh" generally, so that she was the patroness of hunting. The term "venereal" derives from her name. Her name was once a common euphemism for sexual matters in general (for example "The arts of Venus" meant "sexual skills", as well as abilities at attraction and seduction).

Venus in spanking art[edit]

Cupid Punished by Venus, Giovanni Luigi Valesio, 17th century.

A number of classical painters portrayed Aphrodite spanking Eros (Greek version), or Venus spanking Cupid (Roman version).

Venus in Furs (original title: Venus im Pelz) is a famous BDSM novel by Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch (1836-1895), the author whose name was later used to coin the term masochism.

Here, Venus is bound to a tree while Cupid is punished by Minerva:

Venus as a spankee is rare. Here are two examples with a role reversal:

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