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Hi! I'm Spankart, the founder of this wiki, Spanking Art.

This is my user page on the Spanking Art wiki. You can leave me a message on my talk page. Or if you need privacy, you can send me an e-mail using the "E-mail this user" link in the toolbox on the left. Generally, you'll get the fastest response if you ask here in the wiki because I check in here practically every day, while I check my e-mail only every 2 weeks and sometimes only every 2 months (it's an account I don't use a lot but keep for this purpose).

For a list of the other admins of this wiki, see Admins list.

My wiki is my baby...[edit] please help me feed it so that it will continue to grow and become more beautiful and useful every day! And I'll be always there to give a helping hand. I contribute, watch the recent changes and reply to comments and questions practically every day.

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