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Hi there!

The name's Banjo, a young guy from Australia for whom F/M spanking has been a passion for as long as I can remember.

This is my User Page. This is my story.

A few years ago, I got online and after a few months of discovering the world of internet spanking (mostly via clubs and groups at places like Yahoo!, MSN and Excite), I decided I wanted to give something back. Although I'm a writer by trade, my first works were on a small Yahoo! group (then a Yahoo! Club) about celebrity spanking fantasies, where I created my first 'fakes' and a few short stories. When the group was abandoned by it's owner, I created my own version and continued to run it. Later I branched into writing spanking fan fiction and celebrity spanking fantasy stories.

Months later, having explored many sites and groups, I realised that while I had indeed found some artists who's work I was very fond of, for the most part very little delivered what I really wanted to see myself (though at the time I had trouble even putting into words what that would be). So, I made a decision that rather than complain about this, I decided to create my ideas and fantasies in art myself! Completely lacking any drawing skills, I was overjoyed to discover the computer program 'Poser', and set about spending six months or so teaching myself to use it.

Though originally intended only for my own enjoyment, I tentatively risked showing a couple of my early pictures them to a couple of well-known spankos like Veralsi and Franco, who - to my surprise - not only liked them but greatly encouraged me to post them publically online! When I posted a couple at 'Veralsi's World of OTK Spanking Art', the response was far more positive and exciting that I'd even dreamed! So, I hesitantly created my own Yahoo! group and begun posting my art there, based both on my own fantasies and ideas, and the requests and suggestions of others.

As the group's popularity grew, demand came and was met to branch into smaller 'offshoot' groups. At the height of the 'network', these included (in chronological order of creation):

Of course, this 'golden age' wasn't long to last (as one might tell from the 'deleted' tags besides many of the above groups). Soon came unexplained and unwarned deletions of my groups and accounts by Yahoo!, along with a growing apparent disinterest (or at least, a decline in posting) from the general public (though many loyal friends and group members continued to support my efforts). I also grew tired of watching friends get their own accounts deleted by Yahoo! and other hosting companies, of seeing fellow artists and spankos flame and fight with one another over trivial matters, of seeing massive (often low quality) '[[pay site]s]' and AVS sites trample over 'the little guys', and most of all having my own art reposted on other sites (sometimes even charged money for!) with my name and credit removed from it.

Finally, after perhaps one too many deletions (at the behest of a UK 'pay site' who took offence that someone OTHER than me had posted some of their pics to one of my groups), I decided to 'retire' - at least for now - from making new art. Coupled with the fact that my bills for creating my art was starting to climb into the thousands (while some Poser models are free, most cost money to buy), and that my computer was getting vastly outdated and unable to create my art at all, making rendered spanking art was simply no longer a viable 'hobby' to maintain. I keep all the groups and sites I created online and still monitor them (and occasionally post), but for the most part they are there for folks to enjoy as archives, not sources of new material.

So is this the end for Banjo's spanking creations? Maybe not. Currently, I am considering the possibility of creating my own 'real' website, which would allow members to access new (and much higher quality) art created by me, along with stories and other fun stuff (it's no secret that it's always been a desire of mine to develop a viable spanking computer game or interactive spanking project of some sort). But in order to develop and publish such a site, I would need to be sure there would be support and desire for it, as well as have to be able to find a webhost I could trust. But it's a dream I would like to fulfil one day...

... along with my other dream to one day actually use what I am trained for (as I said, I am purely a self-taught amateur when it comes to art!), and that's to produce my own F/M spanking webzine... or even my own spanking videos! ;)

Cheers, Banjo

P.S. For those wondering, the name 'Banjo' was an assigned pen-name given to me when I was a member of the (now-defunct) AKSSI literary society. I liked it, and kept it when I first went online a few months later.