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Underling is a British amateur spanking artist and author. He began making occasional contributions to various blogs in late 2009, and has published his own blog since April 2010. Although he enjoys all gender pairings, he specialises in F/M within his own work.

His scenarios are generally domestic/ corporate, and usually involve a high degree of humiliation as well as corporal punishment. He aims to portray a believable world, exceptional only in that males - strictly adults only - are routinely subject to physical discipline at the hands of female (and sometimes male) colleagues, spouses and family members.

Underling's first published drawing and story were set at a fictional firm called OSIRIS Technologies (now renamed OSIRIS Techworks to avoid confusion with any similarly named real-world companies). OSIRIS employs only women in its management roles, while the lower grades are occupied by men who are stripped and spanked whenever their work is perceived as below par. Following a positive reaction to this fantasy scenario, the artist has made further references to OSIRIS in some, but not all, of his subsequent work.

Underling most admires the F/M art of Sardax and Barbara O'Toole, and although his style is dissimilar he shares some themes with those artists. He aspires one day to match their technical ability.