Underarm position

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The underarm position is a spanking position in which the spankee is either standing or hanging (off the floor) and the spanker reaches around the spankee's waist with his/her non-spanking arm in such a way that the spankee is firmly tucked under while their buttocks are turned to the front to be spanked.

Underarm position, spankee standing[edit]

If the spankee is about the same size as the spanker, both will be standing in this position. If the spankee is smaller, the spanker will either need to bend down, or to get down on one knee to be at the right level. (The latter can also lead to the over-one-knee position as the spanker's knee will be in an ideal position to bend the spankee over).

Underarm position, spankee off the floor[edit]

Alternatively, if the spankee is very lightweight (such as a small child), the spanker can also pick him or her up in this position after reaching round his/her waist, such that the spanker can stand upright and the spankee is dangling and held only by his/her waist at the spanker's side.

This leaves the spankee quite helpless but is trying for the spanker, who has to carry the spankee's entire weight in one arm. It's therefore probably suitable only for spankings of short duration.

This position can also lead to the more comfortable (for the spanker) over-one-knee position if there is some support for the spanker's left foot available, such as a chair, stool, or a step of stairs.

Underarm position, spankee on the arm[edit]

In this variant, the spankee, which again has to be very lightweight (such as a small child), is carried on top of one arm.

Related positions[edit]

The "underarm grip" in the kneeling position.

Many other positions are similar in that the spanker reaches around the spankee's waist to hold the spankee firmly in position. For example, this grip is common or possible in the: