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Uncle Bob's Woodshed is an American producer of M/F and F/F spanking videos. A review (see link below) describes them as "short, simple videos based on the ‘standard’ spanking scenarios", "generally run from 7 to 10 minutes and seldom involve more than two actors".

The producer, the titular Uncle Bob, is also a spanking party disc jockey known as BobDJ. He's filmed videos with established spanking actresses such as Alex Reynolds, Ten Amorette, Sarah Gregory, Amber Grey, PinkieKiki, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Kat St James and Erica Scott. Uncle Bob also performs as a spanker in numerous videos.

Selected videos[edit]

  • Alex Reynolds' LoveSpanking
  • Alicia OTK - Alicia Panettiere
  • Amber's Whipping - Amber Grey
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford's LoveSpanking
  • Amelia Jane Rutherford: Scolded, Strapped & Forgiven
  • Christy Cutie: When Leather Meets Flesh
  • Doublestrapped - Christy Cutie
  • DoubleSpanked Woodshed - Christy Cutie
  • Erica Scott's Lovespanking
  • Grandpa Scolds, Spanks and Forgives (2019), grandparent
  • The Great Outdoors Spanking Compilation - Kat St. James, Casey Calvert, Stevie Rose
  • Kat's Woodshed Belting from Step-Dad
  • Over Grandpa's Knee
  • Paddled Princesses compilation - Ten Amorette, Kat St. James, Stevie Rose
  • Sarah Gregory's Naked LoveSpanking
  • A Spanking Ménage à Trois - Stevie Rose
  • Stevie Rose: Down On The Farm
  • Sweet Revenge (featuring Erica Scott)
  • Ten Amorette Gets The Paddles
  • Ten's Golden Globes - Ten Amorette
  • Uncle Bob's Greatest Hits: Kat St. James
  • The Whipping Of Little Thieves, Part Two - Ten Amorette

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