Ugol's Law

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Ugol's Law says:

"For any given kink, either nobody does it or more than one person does it."

Other formulations include:

"If you ever ask 'am I the only one who <insert kink>?' the answer is invariably 'no'."

And the shortest:

"You are not the only one."

History and impact[edit]

Ugol's Law was named after Harry Ugol, who formulated it in the newsgroup some time around 1991.

A "Welcome to" posting explained its impact:

Ugol's law serves a very important purpose in asb, where people often come in from the cold wondering if they are some kind of sick twisted pervert in the bad sense of the word, alone in some unnatural practice they can't escape from. Ugol's law serves to remind people that there are others out there who are like them, and that serves as a source of comfort.
  — Welcome to

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