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The Twelve Tribes is an international confederation of religious communities. The group is an attempt to recreate the 1st-century church in the Book of Acts.

Child abuse[edit]

We also use the rod — we use a actual balloon stick when we discipline our children. (...)

Verse 15 says: "Foolishness is bound up in the heart of the child, and the rod of correction will drive it far from him." And I know our children have been raised up on the rod of... of correction. We do not deny that. We do not deny that. And if we get put in jail for it, we will go to jail, because we know we're doing right. And we discipline our children in love.
  — Gene Spriggs, 2000[1]

Among the viewpoints held by the Twelve Tribes is the use of corporal punishment in raising children, according to Biblical scripture.

The Twelve Tribes community in Klosterzimmern, Bavaria, Germany has long been known to use spanking (always with switches, never with the open hand) on the children's bare bottoms — despite the fact that corporal punishment of children is illegal in Germany. Former members of the sect had detailed disturbing stories of systematic abuse[2], but no hard evidence was available and authorities could not step in until in 2013 a TV journalist managed to gather candid camera video footage that contained the necessary evidence. In the footage of two days, over six different children received a total of over 80 strokes by over six adults who were not their parents, usually by women. The spankings took place in a room below the community's assembly hall and in the furnace room of the schoolhouse. It seems these windowless, out-of-the-way rooms were set aside as punishment rooms, equipped with a chair (for OTK spanking) and with switches.

On September 5th 2013, German police raided two communities belonging to the Twelve Tribes sect and removed about 40 children to protect them from what was believed to be continued abuse.


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