Triple A Spanking

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Triple A Spanking is a British producer of M/F and F/F spanking videos, with a division in the U.S., and a spanking pay site.

In December 2014, Triple A was sold and transferred to SG Group which owns and operates several successful websites such as Sarah Gregory Spanking and Momma Spankings. All are run by actress/producer Sarah Gregory and there is some overlap of titles between the three sites.

Selected video titles[edit]

Videos featuring Sarah Gregory:

  • Attitude Adjustment
  • Bedtme Brats (Amelia Jane Rutherford, Christy Cutie)
  • The Birching Rod (Kami Robertson), photos
  • Bunking Off Bible Class
  • Caning Demonstration (2011)
  • Candle's Intimate Spanking
  • Casey's Special Detention
  • Cheeky Monkey
  • Cheergirl Vandal
  • Chip 'n' Pain
  • Creepy Dolly Spankings
  • The Fake Illness
  • Hell No Kitteh!
  • Masquerade Spanking
  • Momma's Sound Advice (Dana Specht)
  • Music Teacher's Detention (Amelia Jane Rutherford)
  • Naked Rosie's Strapping
  • Naughty Spankbots
  • Sarah's Bad Maid
  • Sarah's Detention
  • Sarah Spanked by Her Men
  • Sassy Shenanigans
  • Sassy Xmas Spankings
  • Showdown Session (Chelsea Pfeiffer)
  • The Spanking Therapist

Videos featuring Danielle Hunt:

  • Broken Paddle
  • Caught Masterbating
  • Chatterbox Detention, video clip
  • Danielle Hunt's Bedtime Slippering, video
  • Dani's Evaluation
  • Deteintion Defiler
  • Discipline Dropseats
  • Disciplina Scholaris, video
  • The Greedy Girl Guide
  • Gushing Girl Guides
  • Mashing the Milk Maid
  • Painful Punishment, video
  • Punished for Masturbating, video
  • Saturday Detention, video
  • The Schoolgirl Spanking Collection, vols. 1 & 2
  • When Ironing Goes Wrong, video clip

Videos featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford:

  • Amelia is Spanked for Sunbathing Naked
  • Amelia's Dressing Down
  • Amelia's Swearing Owl
  • An Old-Fashioned Texan Belting
  • A Price to Pay for Wanton Play (2018), Sarah Gregory, photos
  • A Requested Spanking
  • Bad Volleyball Girls
  • Bathtime Bullies (Sarah Gregory)
  • Bedtme Brats (Christy Cutie)
  • Music Teacher's Detention (Sarah Gregory)
  • Naked OTK Spanking
  • Not Safe for Work, aka NSFW - Not Safe for Work
  • Secretive Spankers
  • Spanked & Showered
  • Spanking Therapy
  • Unwanted Friendship
  • Upskirt Aunt Meets her Match (as Ariel Anderssen, 2018)