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Triple A Spanking began as a British producer of M/F and F/F spanking videos, with a division in the U.S., and a spanking pay site. It was originally launched in January 2011 featuring well-known British fetish stars such as Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake, Leia Ann Woods, Danielle Hunt, John Osborne, et al.

Sale to SG Group[edit]

Censorship restrictions in the UK led to Triple A selling the company to SG Group in December 2014. SG Group owns and operates several successful websites in the U.S. such as Sarah Gregory Spanking and Momma Spankings. All are run by actress/producer Sarah Gregory

There is some overlap of titles between the three sites as well as crossover two-part stories. For example, Selfish Ami Disciplined by Dad (2021) is continued in the Momma Spankings video Ami's Bedtime Spanking.

Since 2015, there have been more U.S.-based models shooting with the restructured Triple A including Stevie Rose, Veda Rose, Alex Reynolds, Nuna Starks, Mackenzie Reed, Christy Cutie, and Maddy Marks, to name a few.

Selected video titles[edit]

Videos featuring Sarah Gregory:

  • Angelica Vee: Spanking Positions (2020), Sarah spanks Angelica, kitchen, photos
  • Attitude Adjustment - John Osborne, photos
  • Bedtime Brats (Casey Calvert, Christy Cutie), brat, photos
  • Bedtime Brats 2 (Casey Calvert, John Osborne), photos
  • The Birching Rod (Kami Robertson), photos
  • Bunking Off Bible Class - photos
  • Caning Demonstration (2011), John Osborne, photos
  • Candle's Intimate Spanking - photos
  • Casey's Special Detention - Casey Calvert, photos

Videos featuring Danielle Hunt:

  • Broken Paddle
  • Caught Masterbating
  • Chatterbox Detention, video clip
  • Danielle Hunt's Bedtime Slippering, video
  • Dani's Cheerleader Evaluation (2014), video clip
  • Detention Defiler - detention
  • Discipline Dropseats
  • Disciplina Scholaris, video
  • The Greedy Girl Guide
  • Gushing Girl Guides
  • Mashing the Milk Maid
  • Painful Punishment, video
  • Punished for Masturbating, video
  • Saturday Detention, video
  • The Schoolgirl Spanking Collection, vols. 1 & 2
  • When Ironing Goes Wrong, video clip

Videos featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford:

Miscellaneous titles:

  • Anna's Severe Discipline - offbeat story of disciplinarian Miss Anna (Biere) punished by John Osborne, photos
  • Ash's Caning Punishment - Ashley Benson, Clara Matthews, photos
  • Bella's Bathtime Birching (2022), Bella Bird, Mistress Scarlet, bathing, photos
  • Blaire's Long School Day (2022), Miss Elizabeth, Blaire Monet, interracial, photos
  • Clara's Comeuppance (2021), teacher Clara Hewitt spanked by John Osborne, role reversal, photos
  • Ella's Biblical Spanking (2022), Ella Raine, Sunday School spanking, photos
  • Introducing Kim Chi (2021), photos
  • Jayda The Bratty Stepdaughter (2022), Jayda Blayze, photos
  • Mackenzie Spanked To Tears By Mommy (2019), Mackenzie Reed, Miss Anna, hairbrush, photos
  • The Naughty Girl Guide - Ella Hughes, girl scout (video at SpankBang)
  • Nuna's Foul Mouth Punishment - Nuna Starks, photos
  • Old Fashioned Historic Spanking (video at SpankBang)
  • Punished By The Principal - Key Winds, Miss Anna, interracial, photos
  • She Never Learns - Delirious Hunter, John Osborne, infantilism, photos
  • Slutty Stepdaughter's Spanking - Andy Moon, Easy Andy, Miss Bernadette, couch, photos
  • Stripped, Shamed & Caned - Lola Marie, photos
  • Sunny Spanked & Caned (2022), Sunny Days, John Osborne, photos
  • Tears Before Bedtime (2017), Nuna Sparks, Miss Elizabeth, photos
  • Trashy Freshman's Spanking - Paul Rogers, Angelica Vee, photos