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Vintage French photo of doggie training from Ostra Studio (c. 1930s).

To train a person means to coach them in or accustom to a mode of behavior or performance. Training can also mean to make proficient or teach with specialized instruction and practice. The person who trains another is typically called a trainer, e.g. personal trainer. The person being trained may assume a submissive role, e.g. following orders. The trainer may assume a dominant role.

Training in BDSM[edit]

In BDSM, "training" usually refers to activities designed to 'train' a slave to serve a Master.

Training in consensual spanking[edit]

In consensual spanking, a spankee may agree to be trained by the spanker. Training may be simply learning to stay in position or learning to count during the scene.

Pony or doggie training[edit]

A submissive crawls like a dog and retrieves a riding crop. From "Punished Schoolgirl" video by User:Jameslovebirch. Video clip.

Another form of training (common in BDSM) may have the submissive undress, assume the on-all-fours position, and walk or crawl about like an animal, especially a dog or pony. During a training session, the dominant will often use a spanking implement such as a flogger or riding crop. The implement is used to reinforce obedience and correct the sub's performance or posture. For doggie training, the submissive is usually fitted with a gag, collar, leash, and may also eat and drink from a dog bowl on the floor. Pony training often involves more elaborate equestrian gear such as leather harnesses for the head and body, blinders, and a horse's rubber bit gag.

While walking in the on-all-fours position, the female labia or male scrotum are presented along with the anus, very much like a real pony or dog. Such training is typically called "pony training" or "doggie training". Training may be given in private, but it is also seen in BDSM dungeons, etc.

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