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Toweling (verb) is the act of wiping or drying with a towel, which is a sheet of absorbent cloth. Towels (noun) are typically used in any setting where people want to dry themselves, e.g. bathroom, pool, spa, locker room. Towels are also useful in drying dishes, silverware or a countertop.

Towel whipping[edit]

Illustration by Jan Goeree (by 1731).
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Snapping a damp towel on the bottom of another person is called toweling too, also known as towel whipping. A toweling (noun) is a prank among teenagers, especially young men, given in a gym locker room. In most toweling scenes, all participants are naked or in underpants. A toweler, towelee and others watching are needed for the prank to be successful. Toweling is performed in a lighthearted manner and there is usually a lot of laughter.