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Top Marks is a spanking video producer established in 2002 that creates spanking videos for the British spanking magazine Kane. The company, created by producer/actress Josie Harrison-Marks, was named after her father and Kane founder Harrison Marks (1926-1997). The video catalog contains 35 titles, including reissues of Kane International titles dating back to the late 1970s. The company has filmed a number of co-productions with Moonglow (both companies repeatedly use the same office set with distinct wood panelling). Josie Harrison-Marks also appears in the occasional video.

Many Top Marks videos (The Games Schoolgirls Play, Miss Morgan's Mark, The Schoolgirls & the Policewoman, et al.) were distributed, sometimes using alternate titles, in the United States by the now-defunct Brooks Applications.

Currently, the online vendor Clips4Sale (website) provides a large inventory of films (originally released as 60 to 120 minute videotapes) that have been broken down into short segments with new titles.

For example, The Housemaster's Duty, a co-production with Moonglow featuring Josie Harrison-Marks, was edited into a series of extract clips: Headmistress Beats the School Nurse, Headmistress Beats Cornwallis, Headmistress Beats de Ville, et al.

Selected videos[edit]

Original full-length release titles and Clips4Sale repackaged titles in parentheses

  • And Now the Cane (extracts: The Beating of the Useless Prefect, Detention Leads to the Cane, Consequences of Smoking, etc.)
  • English Schoolgirl Punishment (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • Even More Tears (reissue by Miss Ambers Vintage Spanking), photos
  • Games Couples Play (extracts: Games Couples Play: Bed Time, Games Couples Play: The Schoolgirl Returns, Games Couples Play: Time for Tennis, Games Couples Play: The French Maid, etc.)
  • The Games Schoolgirls Play (extracts: Lesbian Spanking Games 1 & 2)
  • The Games We Play (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • Georgina and the School Secretary (Kane, 2002), Georgina (Elizabeth Simpson) lives to regret mocking Miss Flanagan's (Dublin O’Brien) Irish accent.
  • The Headmaster, The Policewoman and the Schoolgirls (extracts: A Good Beating for Monica and Lucy, The Catfight, A Good Belting for Monica and Lucy, A Good Spanking for Monica and Lucy, etc.)
  • The Headmaster's Office (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • The Headmaster's Study (extract: Mavis in the Headmaster's Study, Mavis in the Headmaster's Study - Paddled, Mavis in the Headmaster's Study - Caned)
  • A Maid's Tears (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • Miss Morgan's Lessons (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • Miss Morgan Makes Her Mark (extracts: Miss Morgan's Final Lesson, Miss Morgan's Revenge: The Canings, The Beating of Lucy Bunter, etc.)
  • Miss Morgan's Office (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • Naughty, Naughty Girls (U.S. release/Brooks Applications), UK title: Problem Girls 2003
  • The Prefects' Pleasure
  • Problem Girls: Part 1 (extract: Wife Refuses to Cook Dinner)
  • Problem Girls: Part 2 (extract: The Brat Returns Home)
  • Problem Girls: Part 3 (extract: Dinner Party: The Guests Arrive)
  • Problem Girls: Part 4 (extract: Dinner Party: The Thrashing of the MD's Secretary)
  • Problem Girls: Part 5 (extract: Dinner Party: The Brat Returns)
  • The Punishment Man (extracts: The Punishment Man: Sam and Rachel, The Punishment Man: Sam 1 & 2. The Punishment Man: Rachel 1 & 2)
  • The Punishment Party (extracts: Morgan's Revenge on Sam, Morgan the Maid Serves an Awful Dinner, Teresa May Canes Morgan the Maid, Teresa May Spanks Morgan the Maid)
  • The Red Bottom Hotel (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • The School for Girls (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • The Schoolgirls and The Policewoman (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)
  • Three Tails of Woe (extracts: The Inebriated Step-Daughter, The Thrashing of the Irish Secretary, Errant Daughter in Law 1 & 2, etc.)
  • The Unlearn't Lesson (U.S. release/Brooks Applications)

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