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Etruscan wall painting in Tomba della Fustigazione.

Tomba della Fustigazione (also known as tomb of the flogging or flogging grave) is the Italian name given to a tomb in the Etruscan burial site Tarquinia, in the province of Viterbo, Lazio, Italy. The necropolises in Tarquinia contain some 6,000 tombs, 60 of which include wall paintings.

This particular tomb, from the Necropoli Dei Monterozzi, got its name from a wall painting that shows a flogging scene. It is estimated to be from the end of the 6th century BC and may be the oldest known depiction of erotic flagellation. Two men are portrayed flagellating a woman with a cane and a hand during an erotic situation. The woman is clad only in a tutulus and is shown bent over, holding the hips of one of the bearded men, whose hand is raised to spank her. From behind, the woman is approached by a younger man youth who has one hand on her buttocks and raises a cane (or switch) in his other hand.

The other walls of the tomb are covered with further erotic scenes, musicians, drinking, dancers etc, which suggest the influence of the cult of Dionysus.

The tomb, which is a 4 by 4 meter crypt, was discovered in 1960 by Carlo Maurilio Lerici. While erotic scenes are not uncommon in Etruscan tomb painting, the erotic flagellation scene in this tomb is unique.

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