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Clipart of a toddler.

A toddler is a young child transitioning infancy to childhood, characterized by not yet have mastered the skill of walking.


To toddle is to walk with short, unsteady steps.

Toddlers and spanking[edit]


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Age regression spanking, artwork by Arkham-insanity

Toddlers being in the earliest stages of mobility are beginning to explore things with out having them being introduced to them, which tends to coincide with learning the meanings of words like no and don't. Some parents will give single spank, or smack on the hand while emphasising the word no when a toddler continues to reach for something after being told not to, as a means to associated the meaning of no; this is a form of operand conditioning.

Older toddlers might get more than one spank as a punishment, but rarely more than a couple. In extreme cases a toddler is spanked until they have a red bottom, but such severity can also be considered abusive for such a young child. Other punishments for toddlers include removal of privileges (such as play time or a specific toy) and time-outs, such as corner time or the naughty step.

Toddlers can also be punished by people other than their parents, such as babysitters or other caregivers.

Toddlers and ageplay[edit]

Toddlers are seen as having the innocence of a baby but without the total dependence of an infant. This appeals to some ageplayers, in particular infantilists, while others, like brats, are drawn to the role due to the stereotype of the terrible twos.

Toddlers in spanking art[edit]

Spanking art in which the spankee is of toddler age is comparatively rare to find. Artists who draw toddlers being spanked include JD and Tommy Tippie.

Occasionally toddler spankings are found in age regression genres.

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