Tiffany Jones

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Tiffany Jones is the pseudonym of a British switch spanking performer (real name unknown). She is best known for playing a character of the same name in the Strictly English videos The Tiffany Jones Trilogy consisting of Paperback Writer, Caught in the Act, and Little Red Apples.

Her other videos for Strictly English include Hot and Sultry (with Suzi Martell), Temperature Rising, and Temperature Rising Higher. In all of these she is a bottom or a switch. She also appeared in a number of other videos for other companies, sometimes as a switch, but more often as a top.

Film and comic strip origins[edit]

Tiffany Jones was originally a cartoon strip by Pat Tourret and Jenny Butterworth. It once appeared in the British newspapers Daily Sketch and Daily Mail.

A comedic sexploitation film, Tiffany Jones (aka Tales of Tiffany Jones), based on the comic strip was released in 1973. Anouska Hempel starred as the titlular Jones, a fashion model who also works as a secret agent.