Three Girls About Town

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Video clip of the spanking scene.

Three Girls About Town is an American comedy film from 1941, directed by Leigh Jason.


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Faith and Hope Banner are sisters who work as hostesses in a New York hotel; their job is to entertain conventioneers. They work primarily to pay for a private-school education for their little sister Charity, who wants to have a successful career and marry a wealthy man. Problems begin when Charity turns up, having run away from school, and continue as the hotel is overrun with magicians, undertakers and aircraft workers threatening to go on strike. To make matters worse, a corpse turns up in one of the hotel rooms. Convinced they will get the blame for the death—and worried that Hope's reporter fiancee Tommy will try to make a big scoop out of it—they try to hide it. The problem: the body won't stay hidden.

The spanking scene[edit]

The film has a humorous OTK spanking scene that starts F/F, then more spankers (female and male) join in. The spankee is Charity, played by Janet Blair.

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