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The Real Spanking Court (later shortened to The Spanking Court) is a Southern California spanking company that once produced reality-based M/F spanking videos using a courtroom setting. The company was formed in 2009 by Katarina Kaufmann, aka Cali Katarina, who along with her Dom and partner, ran Alpine Sierra Studios and its sister site, Sternwood Academy (about a naughty girls’ school).

The company's videos were originally sold through a members-only website. Sometime around 2013 Alpine Sierra Studios ceased production. The entire library of Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy videos is being restored and distributed through online Clips4Sale stores.

Reality TV format[edit]

The format is loosely based on reality TV shows such as The People's Court, Judge Judy, et al. They have a fully-appointed courtroom, a no-nonsense judge (Judge Birch), a holding cell, uniformed officers, and a Sentencing Room with a padded spanking bench where the court-ordered punishments are administered.

Real Spanking Court claims that all its cases are authentic and that they settle disputes "between spankos and non-spankos alike". They invite visitors to their website to apply for a court session. The hearings are for minor civil and domestic disputes, rather than actual criminal cases.

In this regard, they are similar to the Raven Hill Studios Resolved by Corporal Punishment series which also settles small claims cases outside of an actual court.

Types of disputes[edit]

Below is a list of complaints that would lead to a Spanking Court case as listed at their website:

  • Civil Disputes such as landlord/tenant situations (example: rent not paid on time)
  • Domestic disputes such as husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend situations (example: infidelity)
  • Friend to Friend disputes (example: poor judgment)
  • Spanking Partners (example: a spankee has not followed the rules set forth by his/her spanker)
  • Any situation where an individual feels guilty and feels they need a good spanking.

Mission statement and disclaimer[edit]

Below are excerpts from the company's mission statement and legal disclaimer:

The Mission of The Real Spanking Court is to provide a maintained, controlled, and impartial environment for individuals to obtain fair adjudication of all cases brought forth in court. The Court Administrators have set Sentencing Guidelines for the use of implements and intensity levels to commensurate with the offense. The Court provides fair but swift implementation of punishment for the guilty. Furthermore, the guilty party may request additional punishment. Additionally, the Court may order a period of probation, counseling, and/or maintenance discipline program to ensure that those who are found guilty do not continue down a destructive or unhealthy path.
The Real Spanking Court is not a court of law and does not deal with criminal cases and does not have legal jurisdiction. Please do not submit crimes to this court as it will be reported to law enforcement. None of the court’s members, affiliates, or contractors make claim of legal jurisdiction, training, or affiliation. This site is for entertainment purposes only. All members of and guests of this court are here on their own free will.


After Judge Birch gives his ruling on a case, the person to be punished must first change into an orange prison uniform. Then she is taken to the Sentencing Room and shackled to a padded bench. The sentence may range from 50 to 100 strokes of a leather strap, paddle, or some other implement chosen by the judge. Afterwards she might be detained for a period of time in a holding cell.

According to the website:

The Court Administrators are persons experienced in corporal punishment. Judge John Birch is a veteran in the spanking community. He has always taken a no-nonsense approach to discipline and he has found his niche with The Real Spanking Court. Our Court Disciplinarians are also experienced in corporal punishment.
If your case is chosen to be heard by the Court and you are found guilty, the Court Disciplinarian will carry out your sentence. You may also opt to have the discipline carried by your own disciplinarian (on location).


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