The Killer Inside Me

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Brief scene with Kate Hudson.

The Killer Inside Me (2010) is an independent American film directed by the ironically named Michael Winterbottom. It stars Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, and Bill Pullman.

The movie is based on the 1952 hardboiled crime novel of the same name by Jim Thompson (1906-1977). Casey Affleck portrays a small town deputy sheriff who is also a clever psychopath who conceals his true self from everyone around him. Kate Hudson plays his submissiive girlfriend and Jessica Alba plays a prostitute.

The spanking scenes[edit]

After slapping sheriff Lou Ford (Affleck) during an argument, Alba's prostitute character gets a furious belt spanking of around a dozen strokes while she lays face down in bed. A closeup shows red marks on her bare ass-cheek. He stops and apologizes, but she suddenly shows a masochistic side to her personality and embraces him. A romantic relationship develops, but its sado-masochistic underpinnings are implied rather than shown again on screen. A body double was potentially used for the glimpses of nudity in this sequence. Alba's face appears only in close ups (she has publicly stated that she won't do nude scenes for films). That said, the Mr Skin website does list Alba as showing nudity in this film and does not list a body double.

Much later in the story the sheriff discovers nude photos of his mother hidden between the pages of his father's Bible. They show her bound on the bed with welt marks on her backside. This triggers a flashback of childhood memories (which are not described in the original novel). We see him as a child playing at wrestling and boxing with his mother. She is a masochist who encourages him to punch her hard during this rough-housing. Then, laying on the bed, she proudly shows off her red-marked backside. "Look what your daddy did. Do you want to do it too?" she asks. Next, nude except for a bra, she spanks her bare ass twice with her hand and says: "It's okay. I like it when you hurt me."

In a later montage of brief clips, Kate Hudson is seen getting a few quick hand smacks from Lou/Affleck as she lays face down in bed. There is one quick closeup showing the impact of his hand. In an interview with The Telegraph, Hudson admits that she was genuinely spanked during the filming. There is one scene in which Hudson is cavorting semi-naked on the bed, before being spanked. Um, did it hurt? ‘Ha! There were a couple in there when I thought: God, Casey! He got a bit of power behind it. It was definitely real.

Near the end of the film there is another quick flashback glimpse of Lou's mother spanking herself.

The novel[edit]

The story is a first-person narrative told by Lou Ford, a deputy sheriff in a small Texas town. Lou maintains the facade of an affable and somewhat slow-witted hick sheriff. Beneath the surface he struggles with a sickness, a desire to kill that he can barely control. This is outwardly expressed in his sadomasochistic relationships with women. One belt-whipping incident is briefly described (and portrayed in the film) and there are several subtle references to the beating of his girlfriend.

Early in the story, he meets a prostitute, Joyce Lakeland. After she insults him and slaps his face, he throws her down on the bed, ties her hands, and flails away with his belt: "I don't know how long it was before I stopped, before I came to my senses. All I know is that my arm ached like hell and her rear end was one big bruise...."

Additional notes[edit]

Jessica Alba's spanking fetish clues

Jessica Alba also suffered a sadistic back whipping in another neo-noir film, Sin City (2005).

The Killer Inside Me was filmed before, minus the spanking scene, in 1976. Some of Thompson's other novels adapted for film treatments include The Kill-Off, The Grifters, and After Dark, My Sweet (all from 1990), and two versions of The Getaway produced in 1972 and 1994.

Jessica Alba's role in this movie is one of several hints that she may have an interest in spanking. As noted in a YouTube compilation of clues, Secretary (film) is one of her favorite movies, and there is a pattern of her choosing roles and photoshoots with BDSM elements.

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