The Kid from Not-So-Big

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The spanking scene.

The Kid from Not-So-Big is a movie from 1978, directed by William Crain.


The spanking scene[edit]

Spoiler warning

Jenny Goodman (Jennifer McAllister) has been playing hooky once again and is found by her grandfather Hank 'Gramps' Goodman (Don Keefer). Unnoticed, she manages to slip a small book into her rear pants pocket before Hank takes her OTK for a spanking. He is interrupted by Jenny's teacher Corinne (Veronica Cartwright) before he can begin.

  • Corinne: "Mr. Goodman. Do you think this is the best way to handle this?"
  • Hank: "This is the way I learned things."
  • Corinne: "Oh, I'm sure Jenny understands what she did was wrong."
  • Jenny (trying to get up): "Yeah, Gramps, I understand."
  • Hank (pushing her back down): "Hush up, Jenny." (to Corinne:) "Damn, I gave her a fair warning, and she's got to accept her punishment."
  • Corinne: "Maybe so. But I think this is gonna make her resent school even more. Now that would just defeat the whole purpose of the punishment."
  • Hank: "Well..." (He lets Jenny up.)
  • Corinne: "I'm sure she won't cause any more troubles." (to Jenny:) "Now you're gonna be there all day and every day, aren't you, Jenny?"
  • Jenny (thinking for a few seconds, then placing herself back over Hank's lap): "Go ahead, Gramps."
  • Corinne: "Wait a second." (fishing the book from Jenny's rear pocket) "Jenny, school doesn't have to be a big pain in the a..." (Jenny reaches back to find her protection gone.)
  • Hank (to Jenny): "You still want me to go ahead?" (Jenny raises.)
  • Corinne: "Jenny. Give the class a try. If you really don't get anything out of it, we're not gonna force you to go. But give it a try." (Jenny takes her book back.)
  • Corinne: "Well, young lady, I see you in class tomorrow?"
  • Jenny (aside): "Young lady..."

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