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The Depantsing Queens are a closeknit group of young women, now in college, who grew up in the Chicago area and attended high school there. They later started The Depantsing Queens website. The site is devoted to their biographical stories about humiliation, pantsing, school corporal punishment and spanking. Mostly boy/girl, girl/boy and M/F. Some F/f and the rare boy/woman. It includes an extensive message board, feminist-slanted commentary, links to news stories about schoolgirls being spanked and humiliated and numerous spanking polls. Several of the coeds (all 18+) appear nude on their site.

The girls were nicknamed as such because of what their critics and victims said was their vigilante behavior of pulling down the pants (and often the underwear, also) of boys who they perceived to have wronged them in some way, often in front of other girls to increase the boys' humiliation.

The Depantsing Queens have argued that they were simply defending themselves from unwanted sexual advances and harassment by male classmates, which they contend began almost immediately upon their beginning high school in the fall of 2000. The harassment was said to included constant butt-grabbing, butt-slapping, breast-fondling and constant sexual innuendo. The girls strongly defended their actions, reasoning that since school authorities had taken a blind-eye to combatting sexual harassment of female students, they had to take matters into their own hands.

According to their website, The Depantsing Queens allow many of their commentaries, related stories and polls and, in some cases, even nude photos of themselves, to be republished on the web or in print. For further information, see: The Depantsing Queens website

Who they are[edit]

Revenge is a dish best served to those who are nude.
  — Elizabeth McNally

The ringleaders of the clique are Libby Marr, Belinda Ramirez and Becky Romero. Libby and Becky are said to have been best friends since first grade and Belinda became a close friend of both girls once she began attending the same elementary school some four years later. They met 9th grader Ashley Randle upon entering high school and found a kindred spirit in her. Other girls in the group are said to have included Elizabeth McNally, Lori Sanchez and eventually Ashley's younger sister, Dee Dee Randle. Several of the girls starred on the school's softball team.

After several of the girls began boasting on the Internet (c. 2002/03) about their exploits and discussing in lurid details how they embarrassed certain boys at school, several of their male victims began plotting revenge. The girls' above motto would soon come back to haunt them.

In the fall of 2003, a group of high school senior boys managed to take dozens of nude photos of three of the girls - Libby Marr, Belinda Ramirez and Becky Romero - while they showered at school after a Saturday morning workout. At first, one of the seniors openly taunted the girls anonymously on one of the Internet forums the girls frequented, intimating that nude photos of the girls existed and that it would serve them right if they were publicly humiliated with them.

The girls, who insisted they never posed even for their boyfriends in the nude, openly dared their antagonizer to post their supposed nude photos or leave them alone. But the girls, especially Becky and Libby, had angered a number of male posters on one of the forums with their feminist views and discussions about the boys they had humiliated, and found few defenders.

Libby had strongly advocated that school boys should have their pants and underwear pulled down for a bare bottom spanking in front of the boy's female classmates for even trivial transgressions against a girl's modesty, such as skirt-flipping.

Becky made few friends when she gleefully reminisced about pulling down a young boy's swimtrunks and spanking him after the boy had untied her bikini top in the pool. Particularly irritating to male posters on the forum was that after being informed of her son's misconduct, the boy's mother pulled down his swimtrunks herself and spanked him in front of everyone, including several girls who were of the boy's age.[1]

As a result, no small number of posters began urging the girls' principle antagonizer to post the girls' nude photos to teach them a lesson.

Naked on the Internet[edit]

Unfortunately for Becky, Belinda and Libby, he eventually did so. Since the girls had previously informed a number of friends in high school about their Internet postings prior to the nude photo threat, they had unwittingly created an audience of classmates who soon saw them completely naked on the Internet. Full frontal nude photos of the girls, all three of then 18 years of age and seniors, were quickly printed up and circulated around their high school and the girls were soon begging their still unknown harassers to remove their nude photos from the Internet (which allegedly were also uploaded to several pornographic websites).

One of the girls initially seemed to be willing to go much farther than merely begging. Libby Marr publicly answered a number a degrading questions and also agreed to personally meet with the boys, allowing herself to be stripped naked by them in return for her friends' nude photos being taken down. Libby, however, would not only be stripped, but received a humiliating bare bottom spanking by the boys who videotaped her humiliation.[2] However, the girls had set a trap for their harassers and with the help of Libby's softball teammates quickly turned the tables on the boys and the harassment in high school was put to an end, as the boys were forced to transfer out of school.

Impact on the girls' lives[edit]

The girls have said their humiliating experience drove them closer together as friends. Libby Marr is alleged to have turned down two distant out-of-state athletic scholarships in order to attend the same university as her closest friends.

Belinda Ramirez took quite a blow to her self esteem, as her full frontal nude photos revealed to her high school classmates that she was quite flat-chested and had apparently been padding her bra to make it appear she was more voluptuous. However, it could also be said that as a result of her humiliating experience, Belinda learned to become more comfortable with her body and with people observing her nudity. So much so that she has even posted her own full frontal nude photos on her website.

Becky Romero, who had previously acknowledged only in passing that her stepfather believed in corporal punishment but that he never spanked her, would later write on how she was spanked by her early elementary grade school teachers - once bare bottom in class - for her admittedly poor behavior. It soon became apparent that Becky has quite an avid interest in spanking, some contend even a spanking fetish, as her once private postings became public. She would eventually acknowledge that receiving additional bare bottom spankings would have improved her behavior in school and she has publicly called for paddlings to be replaced by in-class spankings, even if the disciplined student is spanked bare bottom before a mixed-sex class.

Despite the humiliation the girls suffered, they have continued to speak out against the sexual harassment of school girls, perhaps even more boldly than before.


As much as the girls have advocated or insured the spanking of boys, each of them have had their own spanking experiences, often in quite humiliating circumstances. Of all the girls, Becky has perhaps written the most, often in great detail, about her spanking experiences, which not only include being spanked at school in front of her classmates, but when caught naked on the beach as a young girl and in the OTK position in her birthday suit at her own 20th birthday party by a male friend. From their website and writings, these include:

Libby Marr

  • on her bare bottom, as a 18-year old high school senior, by a male classmate[3]
  • on her bare bottom, at her own 20th birthday party, by teenage boy[4]

Belinda Ramirez

  • admitted to being spanked while growing up, occasionally even bare-bottomed[5]
  • conceded that being spanked made her behave better and that she is not at all resentful that she received them[6]
  • on her bare bottom, as an 11-year old, at school by her mom (but to her shame, was observed) after being spanked on her partially exposed bare bottom in front of her classmates[7]
  • on her bare bottom while naked, as a 12-year old, by her grandmother, witnessed by a sales clerk and her 5-year old male cousin, after Belinda had mouthed off because her cousin teased her for seeing her topless during her training bra fitting[8]
  • on her bare bottom, as a nearly 16-year old; first by two pre-teenage boys who stripped her of her untied bikini after she fell asleep sunbathing on a beach for her having bullied them earlier in the day, then a short while later while still naked in front of several of her cousins by her aunt when she returned to where they were on the beach after she failed to get her bikini back[9]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), as a 20-year old, for losing a bet on the 2005 World Series[10]

Becky Romero

  • on her bare bottom, in front of classmates, by her 1st grade teacher[11]
  • on her exposed bare bottom with partially lowered panties, by her 2nd grade teacher[12]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), at beach as pre-teen young girl, by girl classmate and several boys[13]
  • on her bare bottom, for misbehaving at a friend's house, in front of girlfriend's brothers (alleged)[14]
  • punished by stepdad for misbehaving at family barbeque[15]
  • punished by stepdad in front of young boys for misbehaving[16]
  • punished by stepdad in front of her brothers for talking back[17]
  • receives bare-bottom spanking by stepdad in front of boys[18]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), at her own 20th birthday party, by male friend[19]
  • on her bare bottom (naked), as 21-year old, while caught naked in shower, by 10-year old boy[20]
  • on her pants, by male drunk at bar, while celebrating her 21st birthday
  • on spring break of 2008 by a male stripper [21]
  • on her bare bottom in an adult-orientated restaurant by who she thought was a school principal [22]

Lori Sanchez

  • on her exposed panties, by male assistant principal, in elementary school (paddled)


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