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Trailer for The Defilers.

The Defilers (1965) is a low-budget sexploitation film directed by Lee Frost. It was written and produced by David F. Friedman. The film stars Byron Mabe, Jerome Eden, Mai Jansson, Carol Dark, and Linda Cochran.

This film is generally regarded as one of the classic "roughie" exploitation features of the 1960s. Despite the low budget, this Hollywood-based movie is slickly produced with better acting and cinematography than most films in this genre, especially the crudely made New York roughies such as Olga's House of Shame (1964), RENT-A-GIRL (1965), and In Hot Blood (1968).

Prior to this, Friedman wrote the prototype roughie The Scum of the Earth (1963) and produced Love is a Four Letter Word (1966), a film directed by Frost that contains the first fetishistic sorority paddling scene.


Byron Mabe plays Carl Walker, a sadistic and misogynistic creep from a wealthy family who lives only for "kicks". This includes doing drugs and abusing his many girlfriends. While cavorting on the beach with four women and his only male friend, Jameson (Jerome Eden), he "accidently" burns one girl with his cigarette and playfully whacks another on the backside with a stick.

Before long Carl tells Jameson of his plan to kidnap a girl chosen at random and keep her as a sex slave in his "secret dungeon", a dingy basement room with a bed in an empty building his family owns. Eventually they abduct Jane Collins (Mai Jansson), a recent arrival to Hollywood, and hold her prisoner.

Two spanking scenes[edit]

First spanking scene from The Defilers.

Carl takes a girlfriend to his basement hideaway. He tries to seduce her but she struggles and they wrestle to the floor. "You need some old-fashioned discipline" he jokes, and pulls her panties down, spanking her hard with his hand. After about 40 whacks she suddenly becomes masochistic and begs him to not stop. They roll onto the bed and have sex. Afterwards he turns her over and laughs at the bruise marks his hand made. (View this scene at the Internet Archive.)

Near the end of the film Carl goes berserk and slaps the captive, underwear-clad Jane. He binds her ankles with cloth and brutally whips her with his belt. After around 20 strokes (in which the impact is not shown), he rips off her tattered panties and we see five lashes landing on her bare ass. The scene ends in a violent fight between him and Jameson.

Additional notes[edit]

This film plus The Scum of the Earth was released as a special edition double-feature DVD in 2000 by Something Weird Video. The disc includes bonus "nudie" short films, trailers, and audio commentary by Friedman. Among other details, Friedman reveals that The Defilers was shot in just 5 days for $11,000 and that he used black-and-white film to recreate the feel of a pornographic stag reel.

Frost and Friedman were major figures in the exploitation genre. They released fake "shockumentaries" showing human depravity around the world, including S&M clubs, whipping, etc., in It’s a Sick, Sick, Sick World!, Mondo Bizarro, and Mondo Freudo (all from 1966).

Friedman and Frost made many hard-edged sexploitation films with S&M content such as Love Camp 7, Hot Spur, The Pick-Up, (all from 1968), The Ramrodder, The Ribald Tales of Robin Hood and Thar She Blows (from 1969), Slaves in Cages (1971), and Poor Cecily (1973).

Although Byron Mabe made his acting debut in The Defilers, he went to be a notable director of exploitation films. He directed many features for Friedman including The Head Mistress, The Lustful Turk, and Brand of Shame, all of which have erotic whipping scenes.

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