The Captain's Kid

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Promotional photo of the spanking scene.

The Captain's Kid is a movie from 1936, directed by Nick Grinde.

The spanking scene[edit]

Little Abigail Prentiss (Sybil Jason) is spanked OTK by her aunt Marcia (May Robson) who is convinced that the girl has been lying.

Abigail, you had something coming to you for a long time! [grabs a chair, takes a seat and pulls the girl over her lap] And now you're going to get it!
  — The aunt's announcement of her punishment

The spanking is a hand-spanking on the seat of Abigail's panties, with the skirt of her short dress pushed up. There are several witnesses in the room. Abigail is dressed all in white: white panties, a white dress, and a white hat she keeps on even while getting spanked. Abigail cries Ow, squirms and tries repeatedly to cover her bottom with her hand, keeping her aunt busy putting her hand away while continuing the spanking.

After about two dozen spanks, Abigail's uncle intervenes. The girl tells that she is no liar and he says that he believes her.