The Battle of the Villa Fiorita

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The spanking scene.

The Battle of the Villa Fiorita is a movie from 1965, directed by Delmer Daves. It is based on the novel of the same title by Rumer Godden.


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The film tells the story of a British woman, Moira Clavering (Maureen O'Hara), who falls in love with a visiting Italian pianist, Lorenzo Tasara (Rossano Brazzi). She gets a divorce from her husband and takes her two children Michael (Martin Stephens) and Debbie (Elizabeth Dear) with her to start a new life with Lorenzo in his house in Italy, the Villa Fiorita on the banks of a lake. Her children, unhappy with their new life situation, team up with Lorenzo's daughter Donna (Olivia Hussey) to try to break up the couple and get their mother back.

The spanking scene[edit]

At the dinner table, the girls jointly shake their heads when the dinner is served. Lorenzo, annoyed and determined to break their rebellion, puts food on their plates himself and tells them to eat. When they still refuse to, he tries to force-feed his daughter Donna. Instead of swallowing, she spits the food out. Saying "Alright - you asked for it...", he takes her off of her seat, to another chair (" shall have it!"), sits down, puts her over his lap, raises her skirt and spanks her six times on her bloomers (M/f). "Are you going to eat it now?" She screams accusations at him in Italian, running out.

After Donna has left, Lorenzo approaches his step-daughter. "Are you going to eat it now... or do you want the same, Debbie?" Her mother says "Eat it, Debbie. You must." At this, Debbie throws up. Moira excuses her, saying that her children are not used to seeing children being hit. Lorenzo says this was not hitting but a spanking. Moira says she has never spanked her children. Lorenzo says if her ex-husband had spanked them only once, they wouldn't be such misbehaved brats now, and leaves the room angrily.

Cut. Debbie enters Donna's room, where Donna is kneeling at the side of her bed. Debbie says "I bet your bottom is red. May I look at it?" Donna nods. Debbie lifts the hem of Donna's nightgown, looks at her bottom and comments "Wow!"

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