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TheEnglishMaster is a UK based writer whose work (as of early 2012) includes two novels, about twenty short stories and some poems.

The 38 chapter spanking novel The Girls of Cropton Hall is set in a girls' boarding school in 1953. It is almost entirely F/Ff and features an extensive cast of characters caught up in an engaging plot, and various sub-plots, with both pupils and staff on the receiving end!

The 22 chapter A Victorian Adventure is an epistolary spanking novel (the story told entirely through letters) set in 1868. The 18 year-old heroine, Lydia Hartwell, disguises herself as a boy of 14 in order to take the place of her fragile younger brother, and protect him from the tough life of a boarder at Greystones public school. After enduring many harsh punishments, and some not so unpleasant, her adventure leads her eventually to Italy, with her lover James, where their son is born amidst tragedy. A four-part sequel titled Adventuress in the Underworld is presented in the form of a historical monograph outlining Lydia Hartwell's subsequent life as a professional submissive in various houses of flagellation in London in the early 1870's. Both works are mainly M/F.

TheEnglishMaster's short stories, also mainly M/Ff or F/Ff, are characterised by an assured and readable style, and a variety of imaginative plots, some humorous, some romantic, some thought-provoking.

These fictions are all available to read free at the Library of Spanking Fiction.

A number of his stories have been published by LSF Publications under the author name, Stanlegh Meresith.