Tara Phoenix

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For sake of ease, I've moved the stories that were posted under this name to my other pen name: Lawrence Kinden. The ruse, if ever there was one, is old and tired and entirely unneeded. All stories that were under this name can now be found under that name.

Thanks for all the kind comments and encouragement.

  — Lawrence Kinden on giving up the secondary pen name[1]

Tara Phoenix was a secondary pen name for the author known as Lawrence Kinden. Tara was portrayed as a young female author who specializes in F/f and f/f girl spanking stories.

"Tara's" stories used to be archived at fictionpress.com under the name TaraPhoenix123 but are now under Lawrence.

Selected Bibliography[edit]

  • Claudia and Ainsley (f/f)
  • The Scarlet Stripe War
  • Stand Alone Stories:
    • Empty Road
    • No Witness
    • Tree

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