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The illustrations for L'Avatar de Lucette, even if they are signed "Lewis Bald" were probably done by the same artist who signed "Del Giglio". I don't think these illustrations were done in 1921. This is probably the second edition and the first would have been published around 1910. Other publications at Édition parisienne from the 1920s are usually illustrated by G. Smit aka Topfer.

My copy of Les Cinq fessées de Suzette presents illustrations by Lewis Bald: those are not signed and the style is different from the illustrations made by Del Giglio or those in L'Avatar de Lucette. Thanalie 13:09, 12 June 2007 (UTC)

I agree that the drawing styles of the Les Cinq fessées de Suzette (1910) illustrations and those in L'Avatar de Lucette (1921) look different. The latter is much more what I might call 'art nouveau' style, and really much like the artwork of M. del Giglio. However those also look like the latter style (I don't know which book these are from). Couldn't it also be possible that Lewis Bald's style simply changed from 1910 to 1921? Or that Lewis Bald is in fact identical to M. del Giglio and the unsigned illustrations from Les Cinq fessées de Suzette (from the inside, not the frontispiece), which clearly differ in style, were actually not done by Lewis Bald but by somebody else? --Spankart 18:49, 12 June 2007 (UTC)
Indeed, that's the other possibility. Since the illustrations in Les Cinq... are not signed, the publisher may had to use an other artist... I would need to own more then one book illustrated by Bald to be sure... Looking at the "Marchese de Sade" website, he indicates 1913 for L'Avatar de Lucette and "Lewis Bald ?" as the illustrator of Les Cinq fessées de Suzette. And it seems that the 1921 edition has illustrations by Topfer AND Lewis Bald (which are probably those previously published). For that reason, I would eliminate the "evolution of style" as an explanation for the differences. But I still have more questions then certitudes and that's why I prefer to add my comments in the "discussion" section then in the article itself. Thanks for all your ideas!
By the way, both websites have the same illustrations from L'Avatar... of Lewis Bald. And the cover illustration of Les Cinq... is signed Del Giglio (and is used for other books at Édition parisienne in the 1910s)Thanalie 02:30, 13 June 2007 (UTC)