Talk:Dana Specht

From Spanking Art

Specht's website states:

"I have been a proponent of corporal punishment for many years, going back to the days when I was a very young, single parent of two spirited, headstrong boys, now fully grown. Administered in an atmosphere of love, fairness and caring concern, I found spanking to be an effective way to discipline and deter, to demonstrate that unacceptable behavior can have painful consequences."

In an interview at she says

"My husband showed me some magazines and videos. In the magazines I saw ads for ladies offering spanking services and thought, I can do that. I can do that, because I’ve done that. I know exactly where it’s coming from, because I’m a mother. All I’m doing is doing exactly what I did with my boys when they were teenagers, only the boys who see me now are a little older... Then I strut around in front of him and tell him why he’s here and what’s going to happen to him, which scares the hell out of him. Meanwhile he’s trying to undo the laces of his shoes, and they’re knotted up, and he’s shaking, and I’m just loving it."

Specht appears to belong to the Disciplinary Wives Club, and must maintain a DD lifestyle at home. However, the website does not say whether her children are still in the DD lifestyle or how they view it.