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Spanko (formely known as SuperSchtroumpf and SuperSmurgger) is a male French graphic designer, drawer, cartoon and spanking artist, born 1992, living in the south of France. He's active in the child spanking art area, as well as adult spanking art.

Since 2015 he is also a spanking author under the pen names Orson Hugger and Melchior Jourdan.

Childhood and art progression[edit]

Spanko was born on November 9th 1992 in Villeneuve St George (Near Paris, France). He grew up there for 3 years, before his parents moved in south of France, where he still lives today.

His attraction to spanking began when he was 10 year-old, but it actually became a major interest to him at the end of high-school, when he started browsing the net, looking for spanking pictures.

At the beginning of 2009, SuperSchtroumpf went on the famous boy spanking art site Boyz Being Boyz, where he found a picture of a Care Bear getting spanking. Looking for the artist, he found DeviantArt, the site where his artistic life began.

He started drawing spanking pictures in April 2009. But it really started on February 2010, and became a major part of his art with the beginning of his studies and the huge efforts he made to improve his drawing skills from September 2010.

Spanko's art[edit]

Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
"Bart is in trouble"

Spanko's spanking scenes are mainly focused on the punishment of children and adult characters. Mainly ironic, blending humor and funny situations such as role reversals, and also highlighing his attraction to spanking. Generally speaking, his art is oriented to punishment, but can also concern subjects like birthday spanking and fetish spanking. The desire to recreate childhood punishment scenarios is a recurrent theme in his artistic style.

His favorite pairings are M/M, M/m, M/f and M/F, as well as some F/f.

His art is exclusively computer colorized, originally from paper sketches, using a graphics tablet and Photoshop.

Spanko currently has all of his art hosted on AnimeOTK.

Spanko draws his inspirations from a wide variety of fellow spanking artists, such as Arkham-insanity, Lee Warner, Fred Vegerano, Collegeboy, Funbun, _Cf, Comixpank, Palcomix, Miyuki, Ruka, Sassy Bottoms...

Spanko's writing[edit]

The author's first erotic spanking books (e-books) include:

  • The Chronicles of Tears: Spankisode 1 - The Initiation (as Orson Hugger, English)
  • Le Cycle de Colonia – Tome 1 : “Une Nouvelle Menace” (as Melchior Jourdan, French)
  • The Colonia Cycle of Colonia: Volume 1 - New Threat (English translation)

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