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"Easter Greetings from Susan", artwork by Congolike (2010).

Susan Waterflower Bell (a.k.a Sue Bell and Suebell) is author on AOTK. She has published a vast collection of stories, all which can be divided into two categories. The first one being The Susan Stories. These center on the misadventures of Susan Waterflower. The second being The James Stories. These center on her son James Waterflower Bell and his growth into manhood and beyond.


Oshima is the Parish seat of Oshima Parish. During Susan's childhood the city boosted a population of fifty thousand. The City of Oshima is divided into four districts: Sakura, Kanto, Gull and Oshima. The City is also head quarters to the Kanto Railroad, a railroad company that connects the whole Kanto Region via rail.


The following is the cast of characters and a brief bio for each.

Main characters[edit]

Susan Waterflower Bell
The little heroine of the Susan Stories. She cute and spunky and blessed with coco brown locks. Her Sapphire pink eyes allow her to view the word of the living and the dead, a gift passed onto her by her mother.
James Waterflower Bell
The bratish hero of the James Stories. He has long flowing coco brown hair and a somewhat curvy body. His temper often lands him in boiling water and a sore bottom. His stories take place around ten to fifteen years after the conclusion of the Susan Stories.

Support characters[edit]

Isabella Waterflower Bell
The oldest sister of Susan Waterflower Bell. Her nickname was ‘Burning West Wind’ during her school years. She now works with her mother as a nurse. She has something of a loving relationship with her littler sister.
Elizabeth Grace Waterflower
The Mother of Isabella and Susan. Very little is known about her past beside the fact she was born and raised in Hiro Parish.
James Thomas Bell
The rarely seen father of Isabella and Susan. He was born in County Cork, Ireland.


The Isabella Stories[edit]

  1. Keane Valmai Visits Isabella

The Susan Stories[edit]

"Sue Bell's Story: Spanked by a Ghost". Artwork by Congolike (2010).
  1. The Headmaster
  2. The Haunted School House
  3. Bonding between Two Sisters
  4. Sneaking In
  5. Spanked by a Ghost
  6. Oshima's Ghost Train
  7. Spanking Upon The Fairground
  8. Per adue a astra
  9. Kiss of the Yuki-onna
  10. Abundans cautela non nocet
  11. The Carrot and the Brush
  12. A Fathers Love
  13. The Sealed Room
  14. Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai
  15. The Prologue to Autumn
  16. Heart to Heart
  17. Exploring the old Sanatorium
  18. Joyeux Noel

The James's Stories[edit]

"Sue Bell's Story: A Brothers Love". Artwork by Congolike.
  1. The Kaisers War Arc
  2. A Brothers Love
  3. In the Depth of Bella's Woods Forth coming
  4. The Field Encampment: Act I
  5. The Field Encampment: Act II
  6. The Field Encampment: Act III and Epilogue
  7. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori