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Submission or deference is the act of submitting to the control of another person, or the state of being under such control. The person who submits is called a submissive.

Submission is a strong, unconditional form of compliance. It means that a person is giving up all own will and is prepared to obey to practically any instruction given by another person in the role of an authority figure.

Submission can be expressed nonverbally by poses such as bowing, kneeling or prostration.

The arabic word Islam (اسلام) means "submission".

Submission techniques[edit]

"Submission techniques" are physical techniques to force an opponent into a pose of helplessness. Such techniques are used, for example, in law enforcement, military hand-to-hand combat and in sports such as martial arts or wrestling. A well-known example is the chokehold and its variations. In grappling, a "submission hold" is a grappling hold which is applied with the purpose of forcing an opponent to submit out of either extreme pain or fear of injury.

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