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Title page
A reprint, c. 1900

Struwelpetergeschichten (spelled with only one w) is a German children's book from 1886, written and published by J. A. Steinkamp, illustrated by P. Riederich. It stands in the tradition of moral children's books that was spawned by the iconic Der Struwwelpeter from 1845.

Struwelpetergeschichten is a collection of rhymed short stories, nursery rhymes and other short poems. The 30-page book has 8 full-page illustrations.

Spanking references[edit]

The book has several references to spanking, such as in Die Beiden Zänker: a mother uses the birch rod to bring her quarreling children to peace, combined with the threat of a dose of the cane by the father. It also features Besen und Rute on the purpose of the broom and the birch rod, and the poem Der Wunderdoktor about the "miracle healing" effect of "Doctor Birch".

The poem Das Büblein auf dem Eis, also featured in the book, was written by Friedrich Güll (1812-1879).