Strappado bondage

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Strappado bondage combined with a spreader bar and a gag.

Strappado bondage is a term describing a position and technique used in BDSM play. A person's arms are bound behind their back, then by use of some method of attachment such as a rope or chain that runs from their wrists to a securing point above, their arms are lifted behind them until the person is forced to bend forward. In this position, they can be subjected to further punishment such as spanking.

The term "strappado" or "strappado torture" used to describe this position refers to a method of torture that is still practised in some countries today, and has its roots in a form of medieval torture by the same name. While the strappado bondage position is considered to be a form of BDSM play, it shares its basic principles of restraint with the method of torture and therefore can very easily become just that if not practised safely.


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