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A stewardess is a female flight attendant employed by a commercial airline. Ever since commercial air travel began in the 1930s, stewardesses have been used to ensure the safety and comfort of the passengers. They, along with male stewards, also work on private jets and on some military aircraft. Since the 1990s, the title of stewardess and air hostess has been generally replaced by terms deemed more "politically correct" such as flight attendant, cabin attendant, and cabin crewmember. In the U.K., the slang term "trolly dolly" is sometimes used (see video list below).

The sexualization of the stewardess[edit]

Model wearing a Pan-Am style stewardess costume.

Stewardesses wear uniforms and are stereotypically friendly, good-looking and slim-bodied (due to enforced weight and dress-size requirements). In the late 1960s and early '70s many airlines outfitted their attendants in tight-fitting suits and revealing mini-skirts. Television and print ads promoted the stewardess as sexy, subservient, and seemingly "available" in order to entice a mostly male, business-class clientele. This image led to stewardesses becoming fetishized objects of fantasy similar to teachers, waitresses, secretaries, nurses, maids and other female professionals.

Adult novels and magazines[edit]

The earliest manifestation appeared in the form of sex-filled pulp novels starting in the early sixties. Cheap paperbacks with lurid cover art such as Fly Girl (1961), Flight Hostess Rogers (1962, photo), Airborne Passions (1962), The Young Stewardess, Sin Hostess (1963, photo), Spanking Stewardess (1970, photo), Orgy in the Sky (1970, photo), In-Flight Hostess (1972), and High-Flying Hookers (1973).

Various men's magazines also produced alluring as well as fetish-oriented fantasy images of stewardesses. The spanking magazine New Derriere #4 (1981), for example, featured a cover story of a stewardess being spanked (photo). The images were stills from the spanking video Air Hostess directed by Harrison Marks.

Film and Television[edit]

Romantic dramas such as Come Fly with Me (1963) and Boeing, Boeing (1965), an uproarious sex comedy based on a popular play, emphasized the glamour and adventure of the early days of air travel and the implied sexual liberation that came with being an airline hostess. In its heyday in the sixties, Pan Am was renowned for its top-quality service, cuisine, and highly-trained, smartly attired flight crew. (Their iconic blue uniforms are the model for Halloween and adult video costumes.) This era was recreated in the TV series Pan Am (2011-2012). Set in 1963-1964, this period drama about the lives of Pan American World Airways stewardesses starred Christina Ricci and Margot Robbie (who gets a single hand-smack in the first episode).

In the late sixties and seventies the sexploitation film industry produced numerous erotic comedies and dramas with generous amounts of sex and nudity based on the "swinging stewardess" fantasy established by the aforementioned novels. This "stewardess-sploitation" cycle was part of a then-popular uniform-fetish trend which included scores of adult-oriented and pornographic films about nurses, cheerleaders, maids, waitresses and uniformed schoolgirls.

Examples include: Bedroom Stewardesses (Germany, 1968), The Stewardesses (1969), The Daisy Chain (1969), Stewardesses Report, aka Naked Stewardesses, The Swingin' Stewardesses (Switzerland, 1971), The Air Stewardess (Greece, 1971), Swedish Fly Girls (Denmark, 1971), Supersonic Supergirls aka International Stewardesses (1973), Fly Me (1973), The Naughty Stewardesses (1974), Blazing Stewardesses (1975), Kokusai-sen stewardess: kanno hiko (Japan, 1976), and Stewardess School (1986).

There is at least one grindhouse "roughie" film about a stewardess. In Fly Now, Pay Later (1967), a flight attendant is abducted and sexually abused by a drug ring. The film includes a vivid scene of a male masochist being brutally whipped.

In 2003, pop singer Britney Spears played a sexy stewardess in a vintage Pan Am-style uniform in the cinematic video for her single "Toxic" (YouTube video).

Mainstream films such as View from the Top (2003) and Catch Me if You Can (2002), which features Pan Am stewardesses, continue to depict an earlier era of air travel when flight attendants had a more stylish and sexy image.

Archer, an animated spy spoof series features a sexy French stewardess (with a blue Pan Am-type uniform) in the first episode. She and agent Archer are laying naked in bed together. She has a large red bruise on her backside. Archer raises a ping-pong paddle and jokes "Just give me five minutes on my backhand". A clip can be viewed on YouTube, still photo at this website.

Spanking videos[edit]

Occasionally stewardesses are featured as characters in spanking videos.

Spanked-In-Uniform (website), a division of the Amsterdam video company Real Life Spankings, produces a Europe Airlines series with over 40 corporal punishment titles with stewardesses in sixties-style pink uniforms (photos).

Selected titles:

  • Episode 29: Lip Gloss (photos)
  • Episode 33: Spanked for Oversleeping (photos)
  • Episode 36 & 37: Strapped for Rudeness 1 & 2 (Maisie Dee)
  • Episode 41: The Safety Speech (Lola Marie), photos

The Japanese company Cutie Spankee also produces videos and photosets featuring spanked stewardesses (gallery).

Titles from other video companies:

  • Flight Attendants Teach Unruly Passengers A Lesson (Domination For Your Own Good, 2022), Miss Katherine, Miss Layla, Lady Alice, Femdom (photos)
  • The Severe Punishment of Cabin Crew 799 (MissSultrybelle, 2021), Miss Belle, Gemma Irons, Ashley Benson, Mila Grant, photos
  • Sexy Pilot & Stewardess Spank Each Other (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, Gigi Allens, photos
  • Trolly Dollies Caned, Strapped, and Tawsed, Part 1 (MissSultrybelle, 2022), Miss Belle, Gemma Irons, Kat, Lola, photos
  • Trolly Dollies Caned, Strapped, and Tawsed, Part 2 (MissSultrybelle), photos

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