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Stealing jam from the pantry. Illustration from The Story of the Bad Little Boy by Mark Twain.


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"Spanked for stealing", drawing by Traditional Boy.

Stealing (also known as theft) is to take another's property, ideas, etc. without that person's freely-given consent. Theft is a crime defined in criminal law. A person who steals is called a thief.

Special cases of stealing include burglary, embezzlement, larceny, looting, robbery, trespassing, shoplifting, intrusion, fraud (theft by deception), and others.

Stealing and punishment[edit]

In most jurisdictions, children are not punishable under penal law, so if a child steals, his/her parents or guardians will be legally resposible for it. Children, however, can expect punishment from their caretakers when they get caught stealing. Theft is typically considered a major offense for which serious punishment, such as a spanking, may be felt necessary and appropriate. In the old days it was also not uncommon that if someone caught a child in the act of stealing, they would mete out corporal punishment themselves on the spot (which today would be illegal in most jurisdictions). The images below illustrate that.

In practice, punishment will usually depend a lot on the circumstances and gravity of the offense (in that case, what was stolen, and from where or whom, by whom, and in what circumstances). In the 19th century, a "classic" childish theft that made it into many cartoons, stories and paintings of the time was to steal apples—often called scrumping—, as in Petites Maraudeuses and The Little Marauder by William Bouguereau. Another "classic" example of a 20th century 'minor' childhood stealing offense, often found in cartoons and humorous stories, is forbidden self-service at the cookie jar when the child is alone in the kitchen.

Spanking videos[edit]

Naughty schoolgirls as well as adult women caught in the act of stealing (and often lying in the process) are punished for their misdeeds in the selected videos below.

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