Spanks, but no Spanks

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Spanks, but no Spanks is an episode of the U.S. television sitcom Yes, Dear. It was originally aired in 2002.


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Christine catches Dominic playing Greg’s guitar. Dominic says Kim gave him permission. Christine asks Kim if he got her permission and she says no. Christine sends Dominic to his room for lying. Greg comes home and attempts to play his guitar. Christine tells Jimmy that Dominic lied again. Jimmy tells her he is going to get tough. Christine tells Jimmy he is never tough. Christine tells Jimmy she is the one that always punishes Dominic and Logan. Jimmy says he is going to lay down the law. Jimmy tells Dominic that he is mad and that he has been getting off easy with his mother. Jimmy tells Dominic if he lies again he will get punished by him and it will the worst punishment ever.

The next night, Christine tells Jimmy that Dominic lied again about cleaning his room. Jimmy goes to punish Dominic, but isn’t sure what to do. Christine tells Jimmy that Dominic is testing them to see if they follow through. Jimmy suggests a spanking. Christine says they aren’t spanking Dominic. Kim said she wouldn’t spank Sam. Greg asks her even if Sam stole a cop car. She says no. Jimmy says if they don’t spank him he might never listen again. Christine agrees that he has to be spanked. Greg asks if Sam can watch Dominic getting spanked.

Jimmy tells Dominic that he will have to spank him. Dominic laughs at him. Jimmy says every time Dominic lies he will be spanked. Greg puts Sam up to the outside window to have him watch. Jimmy pulls the shade down. Jimmy finally spanks Dominic and he cries. Greg changes his mind about spanking Sam. Jimmy tells Christine that Dominic must hate him. Dominic promises Jimmy he won’t lie anymore and they hug. Jimmy promises him that they will go to the go-kart track tomorrow.

The next day, Christine tells Jimmy that Dominic lied again about doing his homework. Kim is shocked that the spanking didn’t work. Greg says maybe it wasn’t hard enough. Greg makes Jimmy show him how hard he spanked Dominic. Jimmy hits Greg and he screams and starts crying. Jimmy says he can’t spank Dominic again. Christine says she’ll do it, but can’t force herself to. Dominic asks Jimmy when they are going to the go-karts. Jimmy tells him they are not going. Dominic tells him he promised. Jimmy says he lied. When Dominic leaves, Christine tells Jimmy that they stumbled on to something. Jimmy tells her he is going to the go-karts and if Dominic asks where he is say the grocery store. Christine asks if he wants her to lie. Jimmy says he’ll be home later to give her a spanking.

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