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Scene from Kailee Robinson - Paddled in Panties (most likely Shadow Lane).

Below is a list of complete, or near-complete corporal punishment fetish films (most lack opening and closing credits, etc.) that can be watched for free online without any membership requirements or other restrictions.

Each title includes an embedded link to the website where that film may be seen. For all these links,  Warning: 18+ applies.

Lupus Pictures

  • From the Headmaster's Study: The Globus - book, video
  • From the Headmaster's Study: Immodesty - (video of caning scene with added slow-motion)
  • From the Headmaster's Study: Nightmare (photos, video)
  • From the Headmaster's Study: The Peacock Lady (video)
  • From the Headmaster's Study: Unbridled Youth - video
  • Teacher's Exam Meeting - video

Misc. Producers

  • BDSM 1 (34 min.), German import
  • BDSM 8 (79 min.), German import
  • Fessee (71 min.), French pornographic film
  • Latex Pony (20 min.), pony play with fancy equipment and costumes.

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