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Faux cover of a British spanking novella.

Spanking stories are stories that include spanking scenes. A lot of spankophiles love to read such stories and there are a number of greatly talented authors who love to write spanking stories.

In contrast to spanking in literature, which means works of literature that contain mention of spanking somewhere, spanking stories put a much greater focus on the subject of spanking and often go into great detail.

Spanking stories include all kinds of genres ranging from historic to sci-fi, from autobiographic stories to erotic/pornographic fiction. While most works are individual short stories, some authors such as Lurking Dragon have written story series that could fill a whole book. Others such as John Benson have written more than enough individual spanking stories to fill several books.

The Summer Story Contest (SSC) is an annual contest for short spanking stories, organized by the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking since 1994 (archives are available since 1999). The archives of the stories from each year feature hundreds of short spanking stories, mostly under 500 words each.

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