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Illustration from Humiliations Chéries (1936) by Jean Claqueret.
An adult male (black) being spanked by a drag queen.

A spanking party is a gathering at which spanking is expected to occur. In many cases such parties are commercial or semi-commercial, and occur in public locations. In other cases they are strictly private. Most parties will have a code of conduct mandated by the organizer(s). This may restrict exposure, specify a dress code, and include other limits. Most such codes emphasize the "Safe, sane, and consensual" (or "SSC") principles.

Spanking parties are like BDSM parties in most aspects. The main difference is that spanking parties are visited by spankophiles and focus on spanking and the kind of environment that spankos like. The dresscode can be none, or less strict, or even opposite to that of typical BDSM parties. The atmosphere will usually be lighter and less dungeon style. Roleplay including ageplay is more common and accepted.

At a spanking party it is gernerally common for people to spank other people only a short time after the parties involved meet. However, most such parties emphasize that all spanking is by consent, and that no one consents to spank or be spanked simply by attending, although they may be deemed to have consented to watch spanking scenes. Spankings that occur on spanking parties often tend to be fun spankings, but it is also possible to play and watch erotic spankings or disciplinary spankings.

Several public spanking parties occur on a regular basis.

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