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Performer playing Sarah Palin gets spanked in live show.

A spanking parody is a work in which a mainstream artwork is transformed into a spanking-focused artwork (see also parody). Most commonly, song lyrics of a well known song are transformed, while keeping the rhythm (meter), the rhyme scheme, and possibly some of the rhyme words or sounds of the original intact. This is similar to the form of parody known in science fiction fandom as a "filksong". Similar treatment may also be applied to a verse that is not a song lyric.

A spanking parody of a story, or of a work of visual art is also possible, but such parodies are less common.


"The Dominator" is a parody by Don A. Landhill, of "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers. The author has publicly stated that this parody may be reproduced by anyone provided that the content, byline, and copyright notice are kept intact.

The Dominator
Copyright © 1997 by Don A. Landhill
(Based on "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers)

In a warm paneled study,
at a party out in nowhere
I met up with a Dominant —
we were both too tired to sleep.
So we both sat there just staring
at the ladies in the hallway
'til they somehow all went elsewhere
and he began to speak.

He said, "Son I've made a life
out of reading ladies faces.
Knowing just how hard to spank
by the way they bat their eyes.
So if you don't think me nosey,
I think you feel out of place here
and for some time with your sub, son
I will give you some advice

So I handed him my paddle
and called for my best girl
Then he took her overlap
and told her not to bite
Then my sub got deathly quiet
but her face had *some* expression
when he said "If you're gonna play these games, boy
You gotta play 'em right.

"You've got to know when to spank her
know when to thank her
when to give discipline,
and when to just have fun
you make her count the smacks, boy
while she's bending o'er the table
there'll be time enough for loving
when the spanking's done.

"Every dom here knows
that the secret to good spanking
is knowing what to give right now
and knowing what should keep
cause a well-timed hand can win her
but a mis-timed had *will* lose her
and the best way you can end up
is together snug asleep

And when he'd finished speaking,
he turned back towards my girl there
smacked her ass a time or two,
then nudged her to her feet
and somewhere in the party suite
I heard him smack a novice
but in his well-thought words I found
the way to make life sweet:

"You've got to know when to spank her
know when to thank her
when to give discipline,
and when to just have fun
you make her drop her pants, boy
before giving her the paddle
then you stick her in a corner
';til her crying's done.

Yes, You've got to know when to spank her
know when to thank her
when to give discipline,
and when to just have fun
you make her count the smacks, boy
while she's bending o'er the table
there'll be time enough for loving
when the spanking's done.

Other examples[edit]

Song parodies[edit]

Poem and story parodies[edit]


Bared Affair Magazine is an online magazine (webzine) that is a parody of a general interest publication. All of its articles concern F/f and F/F spanking, especially mother/daughter scenarios.

Visual arts[edit]

Political parody: a Scotsman whips Britannia with thistles, the emblem of Scotland. The anguished onlooker might represent the Church of England (c. 1750).
Parody of a childhood pirate sketch (c. age 8) drawn in the same style (Jameslovebirch, 2012).
Parody of Alice in Wonderland by Rude Rumps.

Gillian Jacobs and Allison Brie from the TV series Community parody '50s fetish pin-up photos for GQ magazine.

Famous paintings, sculptures, photographs, illustrations and graphics often become the subject of parody.

Illustrations: Norman Rockwell, chief illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post (1916-1963), was famous for his warm, sentimental depictions of Americana. His work, or rather what it represented, was given an ironic treatment by the irreverent humor magazine National Lampoon. The cover of their September 1975 "Back to College" issue mimics a 1933 illustration Rockwell did of a reluctant mother about to spank her young son (image).

The Lampoon cover shows a stuffy, old-school professor giving a sexy bare-assed college girl an over-the-knee spanking with a slide-ruler for flunking her calculus exam. The artwork closely imitates Rockwell's meticulous style, but the obviously erotic and fetishistic overtones mock his wholesome image (see photo). Illustrator Birney Lettick also did the film poster for Fraternity Row (1977) which shows pledges bending over for a paddling (image).

Spanking Tails 2: a fetish magazine that also copies Rockwell's painting style. Here, a teacher paints a target on the backside of a female student who is bent over for a paddling. (See illustration)

The Girl from A.U.N.T.I.E.: (Epic Publishing Co., May 1967). A two-volume spy spoof photo-novel with a bondage/S&M bent that parodies the 1966-1967 TV series "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E." The cover even matches the title font used in the television show. (photo)

Gloss: The June 2010 issue of this gay-lesbian magazine features campy photos of comedienne Kathy Griffin posing as fetish icon Bettie Page in vintage lingerie and a wig. One photo shows her getting an over the knee spanking from photographer Mike Ruiz. (Photos)

Vogue Paris: Illustrations of retiring Editor-in-Chief Carine Roitfeld getting over the knee spankings from Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour appear in her final issue of Vogue Paris (March 2011).

GQ: Gillian Jacobs and Allison Brie, who star in the TV series Community, posed for a series of playful retro spanking photos for the April 2011 issue of GQ magazine. The pictures spoof the style of 1950s pin-up photographers such as Irving Klaw.

Celebrity parodies are increasing in the form of spanking fake photographs. These are photos that have been digitally manipulated to place a celebrity in an erotic fantasy or simply make them look foolish. The most common method is to scan photos from spanking or BDSM magazines and substitute the heads with pictures of the desired celebrities. After a certain amount of retouching, the images can appear quite convincing. This face switching process is also being done, on a limited basis thus far, with pornographic video clips as well.

Fake celebrity photos of every imaginable type, from mild bondage to hardcore pornography, can be found on the Internet. A simple search will turn up popular combinations such as Madonna spanking Britney Spears, Katy Perry spanking Avril Lavigne, or Jessica Alba spanking Jennifer Love Hewitt, et al. There are also many manipulated photos that parody political figures such as President Obama spanking Sarah Palin.

Characters from popular television shows such as The Office are also the frequent target of PhotoShop parodies.

Extreme Nude Fakes Link broken as of July 2023 was a website with a large database of manipulated photos showing popular celebrities being spanked, etc.


Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical is a musical parody of the 1936 exploitation film Reefer Madness. In one scene, drugs transform an innocent girl into a wild dominatrix character who spanks her co-star. The play was also made into a film in 2005.

SPANK! The Fifty Shades Parody (2012), is a Canadian musical stage review that spoofs the Fifty Shades of Grey S&M novels by E. L. James. (Official website, YouTube promo, News report with video clips on Dailymotion.)


In addition to the video list below, see "Spanking on television" for a separate list of parodies of specific programs and TV genres (such as game shows, et al.).

Film parodies with spanking scenes[edit]

Mainstream movies, grind house sexploitation films, as well as underground mail-order fetish videos have included spanking scenes in parodies of various genres. The following exploitation films are spoofs of lavish historical dramas, cheesy science fiction, the movie industry itself, and jungle safari epics.

Horror films[edit]

Below are a few of the many exploitation films that mock teen sex-comedies and/or drive-in horror films.

Made for TV[edit]

Television shows and short films include:

  • Fernwood 2 Night (1977), a satirical television series that mocked late night talk shows. One episode includes a long, humorous spanking demonstration that can be viewed on YouTube.
  • Jack of All Trades ("X Marquis the Spot", 2000), a comedy-adventure TV series set in 1801, parodies the S&M lifestyle in general as well as the Marquis de Sade himself. Many scenes of whipping and paddling. (Video clip on YouTube)
  • What the Dickens! (7 min.) sepia-tone spoof of silent movies with F/F and M/F outdoor spankings. Made by Australian burlesque performer Magnificent Liberte Belle (Lani Gerrish) and Velvet Corner Productions for the Canberra Fringe Festival.

Spanking videos[edit]

Many erotic spanking videos and BDSM films draw inspiration from, and poke fun at, popular culture, films, television shows, and holiday traditions. See Christmas and spanking and Therapeutic spanking for complete lists of Christmas- and therapy-related spanking videos.

Belinda Clark canes Gia Regency in S/M Survivor. (Water color by Jameslovebirch).
  • Cane of Thrones (Strict English CP), Femdom, title is a pun of Game of Thrones TV series, photos
  • Chrissy Entombed (Captive Chrissy Marie), Egyptian fantasy based on Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and The Mummy (photos)
  • Clueless Blonde Spanked - 50 From The Belt, 20 From The Prison Strap, Part 1 (Worst Behavior Productions, 2021), based on Clueless film, photos
  • Clueless Blonde Sequel - She Wants It Harder, Part 1-2 (Worst Behavior Productions, 2021), Lady Alice (Payne), Part 1 photos, Part 2 photos
  • Clueless Blonde Spanked, full movie (Worst Behavior Productions), Lady Alice (Payne), photos
  • Corporal Activity: Home Video Beach Spanking (Disciplinary Arts), based on the Paranormal Activity horror films
    • shot in first person perspective (POV) on a public beach in Northern California.
  • Daisy’s New Drawers (Spanking Epics), based on “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV series.
  • Damsel in Distress – short spoof of silent film era cliches with stereotypical villain abusing a fair damsel. (7-minute video)
  • Deliberate Provocation & Overexposed (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), take-off on Secretary (film) with Sarah Gregory
  • Desperate Homemakers (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment) parodies the ABC television series "Desperate Housewives".
  • Desperate Housewives in Bondage (Maxine X), another "Desperate Housewives" parody.
  • Disciplinary Ship Genesis (Spanked In Uniform), "Star Trek" parody series with '60s-era uniforms, sets based on "The Next Generation" sequel (website, video)
  • The Handmaiden: The Spanking Ceremony (Leia-Ann Woods), based on The Handmaiden's Tale cable series, photos
  • The Last Case of Dr. Freud (Lupus Pictures), period-piece parody of Sigmund Freud.
  • Law & Order, Special Spanking Unit (Spanked In Uniform), series based on TV's Law & Order
  • Life Swap (Punished Brats), Veronica Bound, variant on Wife Swap reality show
  • Little Red Bottom Hood (Sarah Gregory Spanking), a take-off on the children's story Little Red Riding Hood.
  • A Nightmare on Palm Street: Halloween Spanking Film (Disciplinary Arts), take-off on Nightmare on Elm Street, ghostly Freddy Bruiser uses his paddle hands on neighborhood girls.
  • No Place Like Home (Punished Brats), Amber Wells as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, photos
  • Orphan Annie Spanking (Sarah Gregory Spanking), based on the musical Little Orphan Annie
  • Personal Secretary (Dallas Spanks Hard), inspired by the film Secretary
  • Peter Spank (Spanking Veronica Works), Peter Pan parody, photos
  • Sense and Sensibility (Tallion?, c. 1995); 1800s period piece loosely based on the famous Jane Austen novel. Available from Bottom Marks.
  • Shego Spanks & Embarrasses Kim Possible (Cara Day, 2020), Cara Day, Cleo Divine, parody of "Kim Possible" TV series, photos
  • S/M Survivor (B&D Pleasures), a BDSM spin on the reality TV series "Survivor".
  • The Sound of Spanking (Triple A Spanking, 2021), Sarah Gregory, inspired by The Sound of Music (photos)
  • SpaceGirls! (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), campy send-up of low-budget '60s science fiction movies. (video clip)
  • Spankbuster (Spanking Veronica Works), Veronica Ricci, Alaina Fox, variant on Ghostbusters, photos
  • The Spanked Step-Sisters (Sarah Gregory Spanking), remakes the fairy tale Cinderella (photos).
  • Spanked to Tears (Pacific Force), borrows from the film & TV series "La Femme Nikita"
  • The Spanker's Cook Book (English Spankers), take-off on cooking shows.
  • The Spankinator (Spanking Veronica Works), inspired by The Terminator film series, photos
  • Spanking Dreams (Moonglow, 1996), "Count Spankula" Dracula spoof segment, photos
  • Spanking in the Modern Age (Punished Brats), parody of the '50s, '60s, and '70s
  • Spanking Stooges (Spanking Veronica Works) Veronica Ricci, Gigi Allens, a take on The Three Stooges, photos
  • Spankorama I & II (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), spoofs Thanksgiving (Pilgrim spanks Indian girl) and Christmas elves.
  • Supernanny Spankings (TheDaceyHarlot, c. 2022), taken from the Supernanny U.K. reality TV series, POV, photos
  • That '70s Spanking - Take Your Beating (ATP Studios, 2020), Stevie Rose, title taken from That '70s Show TV series, photos
  • Tin Woman Spanks The Witch (Spanking Veronica Works), based on The Wizard of Oz, photos
  • Velma Strips and Self Spanks and Paddles (Veggiebabyy), self-spanking, Veggiebabyy as Velma from the Scooby-Doo cartoon series, photos
  • Wheel of Discipline 1-3 (Pacific Force), three-volume spoof of TV game show "Wheel of Fortune"
  • Wheel of Misfortune (Mistress Kirsty, 2023), based on TV game show "Wheel of Fortune", photos
  • When a Stranger Spanks (Dallas Spanks Hard), inspired by the film When a Stranger Calls and erotic thrillers in general.
  • Wonder Woman and Scarlot Fever (Dreams of Spanking, 2022), Denali Dink, Scarlot Rose, photos
    • See Superhero for an extensive list of similar comic-book related parody videos.

Internet videos[edit]

  • The David and Sarah Variety Show (2013), mock review of Fifty Shades of Grey with comedic bondage and spanking (YouTube video)

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