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Photo Bits magazine with Femdom cover (1910)

A spanking magazine is a commercial erotic or pornographic magazine for adults with spanking fetish related contents. Spanking photographs and artwork have been used to illustrate countless fetish-oriented magazines (on bondage, domination, slave-training, etc.) since the late 1940s. But it is not until the period of the late 1960s to early '70s that stand-alone magazines on this subject began to appear.


Hollywood Nights (Aug. 1937) based on a Herric book cover.
Herric cover art for French fetish novel Cinglants châtiments (1932).

In the U.S., the foundation for spanking and other fetish periodicals was established by the first "girlie" magazines that emerged in the 1900s. These offered risqué sex-related stories plus nude and semi-nude illustrations and photos. Earliest examples include: Snappy Stories (1912), The Parisienne (1915), followed by Saucy Stories, French Art Classics, and Artists and Models ("For Art Lovers and Art Students,") in the 1920s. These were succeeded by semi-slick pulp magazines in the 1930s such as Paris Nights, Follies, Ginger Stories, and Hollywood Nights.

Spanking stories published in book form, often richly illustrated—see for example the early 20th century French spanking literature—, were established many decades before the first spanking magazines appeared. A few single-issue booklets of spanking photographs date back to Paris in the mid-1930s. But the evolution of specialized spanking magazines as ongoing, stand-alone periodicals would take several decades to mature. This particular brand of fetish magazine gradually emerged as an offshoot of the many broader-based kink/BDSM publications that existed on the outer fringe of the print industry.

Photo Bits (1898-1914) was the first British pin-up magazine. Besides photographs and sketches of nude showgirls and theater stars, the magazine featured fetishist literature as well as tight-lacing, high-heel, and female domination imagery. Letters from readers discussed various fetishes, including flagellation and caning. Other short-lived publications such as Half Holiday and Modern Society copied this formula before the more established London Life emerged in the 1920s.

London Life (1920-1960), published by New Picture Press in London, was a popular men's magazine with articles, humor,
 short fiction, and modest cheesecake photos of showgirls and film starlets. However, it soon became infamous for its readers' letters which revealed an obsession with all sorts of fetishes – tightlacing, lingerie, high boots and heels, long gloves, cross-dressing, and so forth. By 1932 the magazine was even banned by the Irish government.

In the mid-thirties, Charles Guyette, the New York fetish photographer and seller of BDSM paraphernalia, began contributing material and placing discreetly worded ads for his more risque photo-sets. A decade later, Irving Klaw, another New York purveyor of fetish erotica, also began advertising in the magazine. (It bears mentioning that the bondage lifestyle magazine that began in 1977 called London Life has no relation to the original.)

In 2014 British retro singing group The Three Belles created a musical comedy revue directly inspired by the letters published in London Life called "London Life, The True Story of the Secret Kinks of World War Two". Campy promotional photos for the revue feature the girls dressed in 1940s costumes dominating and spanking each other and wearing a ball-gag.

The 1940s and 1950s[edit]

T.N.T, "For lovers of the unusual", rare example of a vintage U.S. corporal punishment magazine from April 1949.
Joe Shuster illustration from House of Tears.
F/F spanking art by John Willie, from Bizarre magazine.

In New York in the late 1940s, underground publishers began to covertly produce alternate lifestyle magazines that contained a mix of prose, illustrations, and photographs. Taking the concept of London Life a step further, magazines such as Ultra ("wrestling gals, bizarre fads, exotic fashions"), Masque ("The Publication of Bizarre Fads and Fashions"), T.N.T. and Connoisseur catered to readers interested in bondage, domestic discipline, cross-dressing (voluntary and forced), pony play, dominant females (Femdom), and rubber and leather fetish attire. (see Masque #4 at the Internet Archive.)

Unique ("For Lovers of the Unusual") is a typical example from the '50s. Published in Oxford, New Jersey with no publisher listed, the 48-page booklet measured 4+14 by 5+12 inches (110 mm × 140 mm). It offered a collection of corporal punishment letters and stories involving women being spanked, whipped, and birched. It was illustrated with full-page half-tone illustrations of good printing and artistic quality: punished maids, bound and pilloried women, etc. Plus ads for other girlie magazines Cheesegals and Pose.

Mainstream comic book artist Joe Shuster is believed to be one of the anonymous illustrators for the influential Nights of Horror and House of Tears series of sadomasochistic booklets. These were published in New York, circa 1953-54. The illustrations depict a wide variety of imaginative torture fantasy scenarios and sadistic whipping and spanking of male and female captives.

A number of digest-sized periodicals also came from the Los Angeles area such as the Fantasia (Lucian Press), a femdom magazine with Gene Bilbrew illustrations, and Dominate ("Dominant Women and Bondage Slaves") from Bizarre Book Co. in Hollywood. These contained fiction illustrated with black-and-white photos and drawings, photo-features, correspondence, and reviews. For example, a 1959 issue of Dominate covered girl-girl dominance, wrestling, spanking, human footstool training, and reproductions of punishment and discipline art from other magazines.

Perhaps the most well-known early bondage/fetish magazine with spanking imagery is Bizarre (1946-1959), published in New York by artist John Willie. Bizarre is distinguished by Willie's vivid, realistic artwork and fetish photographs, some of which were purchased from Charles Guyette's burlesque and BDSM equipment store.

These were clandestine magazines, mostly printed by fictitious publishing houses, which defied obscenity laws and could not be sold at regular newsstands and retail outlets. Purchasing this material was mainly an under-the-counter transaction at adult bookshops. To avoid prosecution, some publishers such as Irving Klaw sold digest-sized photo-booklets only by mail order ("sent in a plain wrapper").

One rare exception is Robert Harrison's mainstream girlie magazines, particularly Wink. Harrison put out five other pin-up periodicals, but took a chance with Wink by including images of fetishism, with women in bondage, handling whips or being spanked. Most notably, John Willie's comic serial Sweet Gwendoline. Segments appeared from June 1947 to February 1950. His other magazines, Eyeful (”Glorifying the American Girl”), Flirt, and Whisper (1946-1958) often featured risque spanking images and photos of Bettie Page.

From 1955 to 1959, Leonard Burtman's Burmel (Burtman & Himmel) Publishing Co. put out Exotique magazine “Dedicated to Fads, Fashions and Fancies,” which ran for 38 issues. Burtman was inspired by Irving Klaw and Willie's Bizarre. Well-known bondage/spanking artists Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew were regular contributors. (In the '70s Burtman brought back Exotique under his Eros-Goldstripe imprint.) He also issued many special editions and ancillary booklets that bore the Exotique masthead, including Correspondence Digest, novelettes, photo fiction, and comics. Plus he often sold "publication packages" to other fetish publishers, such as Unique, Health Knowledge, Bilife Publications, Bizincorp and Consolidated.

There was also Irving Klaw's Nutrix Publishing Company and Satellite Publications (Stanley Malkin & Pat Martini). Due to legal problems with State authorities, both companies left New York around 1958, relocating in Jersey City, New Jersey. Nutrix was later renamed Mutrix Publishing Company after Klaw sold the business to Ed Mishkin.

Some classic examples of Nutrix/Mutrix reprints of Bettie Page photos from the mid-1950s:

These early publications were all small, digest-sized periodicals. (Burtman's Bizarre Life, beginning 1966, is probably the first to become a full-sized fetish lifestyle magazine.) Most featured black-and-white photo pictorials and illustrated stories showing male or female slaves being bound, dominated, and disciplined. There were still no magazines dedicated entirely to spanking erotica as we know them today. Irving Klaw sold numerous 5 by 7-inch (130 mm × 180 mm) booklets with titles such as Paddled Severely During Sorority Initiation (1963), but these contained mostly bondage photos.

Klaw also produced a number of adventure/bondage serials with whipping and spanking illustrations by well-known fetish artists of the day. Among these are Sweet Gwendoline by John Willie, Bound in Leather and Mrs. Tyrant's Finishing School with artwork by Eric Stanton, Prison for Women and Ladies in Rubber by Eneg (Gene Bilbrew), and Boarding School Diary by Morey.

The 1960s[edit]

Punishment Journal, digest-sized with fiction and black-and-white photos (1968)
Spank-O-Rama Satellite photo-book (c. 1966).
Girlie magazine ad for spanking and wrestling photo-digests (1965).

By the mid-sixties, a handful of publishers began to put out single-issue or limited series special editions of spanking letters and stories (some included photos or illustrations, others did not) as well as spanking photo digests. Photo booklets were usually compilations of images culled from previous publications. Some even reprinted vintage French photos from the '30s (or earlier) from photographers such as Jacques Biederer (Biederer Studio, Ostra Studio).

Five early examples, Spanking Digest (1965), Spanking Letters (1965), The Art of Caning (1966), The Disciplinarian (1967), and Domestic Discipline (1967) are from Gordon Publications in Ontario, Canada. Publisher Gordon Sergeant relocated to London and created one of most successful genre magazines, Janus, in 1971.

Other photo-digests of this period include Spanking Photo Album and Bondage Photo Album (1966) by Rosslyn News Digest (Studio City, Calif.), and Sorority Spanking, Spanking Queen, and Spank-O-Rama (circa 1965-66) from Satellite Publishing in New Jersey.

Around 1964-1965 Flag Publications in Los Angeles put out The Spankers Monthly. This covered topics including, “adult and juvenile discipline, transvestism, home movie and Polaroid hobbyists, exotica, sunbathing groups, male models, leather and rubber apparel, restraint, male and female domination and bondage." The mid-sixties also saw the first fetish magazines aimed at the African-American market such as Model Agency (Darte Distributors) and Amber Gets It, showing black women dominating and spanking each other (photos).

Photos of spanking and bondage were usually mixed together in dozens of one-shot digests, often with the word "Bondage" in the title to boost sales. In the '60s alone, Satellite Publishing put out Bondage Album, Bondage Boarding School, Bondage Contest, China Slave in Bondage, Bondage Maid, Bondage Games, Bondage Diary, Bondage Orientalia, and Bondage Chains, to name just a few. These booklets were published in two categories, "non-fiction case histories" of questionable authenticity and "photo fiction" with titles such as Psychosexual Spanking, Stag Party Spankers, Secret Spanking Cult, Date a Spanker Service, Dominated Slave, Japanese Spanking Punishment, Spanking Ecstasy, The Girl from Bondage, et al.

Below are some typical examples of photo-illustrated fiction of this period (featuring F/F content and no nudity) that can be perused online.

Fetish icon Audrey Campbell, star of Olga's House of Shame, posed as a dominatrix in Satellite's one-shot femdom issue, Dominated Traveler (c. 1966). Popular dark haired dominatrix Jackie Miller appears in many of these photo-story booklets such as Palms and Panties and Punishment By Domination. But Satellite's main focus from 1963 to 1968 was publishing hundreds of fetish-themed pulp novels, many with cover art by Eric Stanton.

Leonard Burtman's Selbee Associates published small photo-fiction magazines such as Spanking Nurse and Spanked into Submission (both in 1965). Starting around 1967, Burtman's Corporal (Consolidated Publishing Inc.) became what may be the first regular all-spanking magazine in the U.S. (Gordon Publications also came out with a small magazine called Corporal around 1967 with letters and stories, but no photos.) It had color and black-and-white photos and art by Stanton and Bilbrew. By 1969 the smallish booklet had expanded to a full-size 102-page glossy magazine. Burtman also produced color 8mm (200 ft.) spanking films that were promoted in extensive photo-layouts and sold through the magazine (and later in his '70s publication Bizarre Films). This, along with some of his other fetish lifestyle magazines (Bizarre Life, New Bizarre Life, High Heels, Leg Show, etc.), would carry on into the '70s.

Besides Burton and Irving Klaw before him, many anonymous producers of clandestine 8mm fetish loops supplied print publications with spanking imagery. Blown-up stills and posed shots in black and white and glossy color were made in conjunction with film-loop sessions and sold to magazines. Some of these pictures even ended up on the covers of magazines such as Sapho (1967) and Forced Enema (c. 1968, see Bizarro Sex Loops 15).

Stills of spanking and whipping scenes from sexploitation films were also featured in adult magazines and film journals. For example, Corporal #49 featured belt-spanking stills from Love Camp 7. The Erotic Cinema (1969) published torture and spanking images from the roughie film The Pick-Up, including the cover (see photo). Other magazines from this period include Adult Movies Illustrated (photo), Adam Film World, edited by sexploitation director William Rotsler (photo), and Celluloid Capers.


Many underground book publishers also put out chapbooks – pocket-sized booklets with card-stock covers bound by saddle stitching or staples. These cheaply-produced publications fall somewhere between a book and a magazine. Much like the BDSM pulp novels of the time, chapbooks offered lurid stories of sadism, bondage, and kinky sex but with more photos and artwork. There were also photo-stories (aka foto-readers) with text and a photograph on every other page.

A few examples are Corpun (1956), Vanquished Victim: Subjugated in Rubber (1965) and Tortured Nudist (c. 1968) from Action Publications in Studio City, California, and Orgies of the Orient (c. 1965), Memoirs of a Spankee (1967), Dominate, and Bondage Club, all from Flag Publications in Los Angeles. Flag began in the late '50s and produced an extensive line of mostly femdom publications. Many were illustrated with Irving Klaw photographs.

Summer Spanking School by A. De Granamour (c. 1965) is a typically crude example with type-written pages that can be viewed at the Internet Archive.

Another example of a photo-story booklet is Punishment Journal (1968), published anonymously. This 5 1/2 x 8 1/4-inch format boasts a glossy color cover and 96 pages with fiction and a black-and-white F/F spanking photo on every other page (see cover photo on right).

European magazines[edit]

Meanwhile in Europe, a number of similar booklets and magazines were being produced, primarily in England, Denmark, and Sweden.

Fads and Fancies (Utopian Press, London, c. 1955) is one of the earliest fetish-wear magazines to appear in England. It followed the London Life model by featuring kinky letters from readers. London-based rubber fetish magazine Pussy Cat was first published in 1964 by N.A. Burton. The magazine remained in print until 1989. There were many so-called "Soho bibles" or Soho typescripts produced in London in the mid-to-late 1960s that were printed anonymously and sold under the counter. These cheaply produced mimeographed from typescript digests contained pornographic fiction illustrated by photos. Spanking-oriented titles include Whacked! (photo), Spanked, Fladge, House of Torture and Swinge. (See for vintage Soho typescripts for sale.)

Album Bizarre (Kamo Trading, Copenhagen), with text in German and Danish, had adult comics, photos of female submission, flagellation, bondage, and even some bestiality art. In 1967 the German flagellant magazine Freies forum fur erziehungsfragen (Free form for educational questions) is published for the first time. Spanking Sweden (c. 1969) is one of several European magazines translated into English for export sales.

Other titles from Denmark include the pornographic Erotisk Tvang and Spanking Ritual (c. 1970) which contained a variety of BDSM photos. In 1963 Denmark became the first modern state to drop virtually all censorship, and in 1969 pornography was legalized. This led to an explosion of commercially produced fetish and pornographic magazines. The number of publications continued to increase over the next three decades.

Portrayal on film[edit]

  • These Girls Are Fools (aka Hell is a Place Called Hollywood, 1950) is an exploitation short-subject that is most likely the first film to show the underground magazine (and film) industry. A naive Hollywood hopeful accepts a role in a dubious "art film" (which requires nudity) and finds her career at a dead end. Desperate for work, she is reduced to posing in men's nudie and fetish magazines – including being bound and flogged.
  • Heat of Madness (1966); mild roughie about a sexually repressed New York nudie magazine photographer who becomes sexually unhinged and insane while shooting sex crime reenactments that include bondage (photos). This was produced by William Mishkin, a business associate of Irving Klaw and co-owner of Satellite Publishing which printed scores of underground bondage-fetish magazines.
  • Danish Blue (Denmark, 1968); another sexploitation film that depicts a professional crew photographing a M/F caning pose (video).

The 1970s[edit]

Corporal issue #45 from 1969.

By the seventies censorship laws banning these publications from the mainstream marketplace had faded away in the U.S. and much of Europe. Thus, the creation of all sorts of fetish lifestyle and spanking magazines went into high gear. Also several established publications sensed this new trend and changed with the times. For example, Nugget, a standard U.S. girlie magazine dating back to 1955, began to include female domination pictures and stories in the early seventies. In a few years it became a mainstream femdom and fetish magazine.

The majority of english-language spanking magazines were published in the U.K. prior to the emergence of the American video-influenced spanking market in the 1980s and 1990s. The better-known British magazines of this era include Janus (1971-2007), Roué (c. 1978-1988), Phoenix (1980-1991), Blushes (c. 1980s), and Kane (1982 to present), created by Harrison Marks. Many of these were successful enough to launch spinoff magazines. For example, Janus produced the sister-publications Februs (1994-2003), Derriere, New Derriere, Privilege Club, Privilege Plus, and the Femdom-based Obey.

AtomAge, later AtomAge International, (1972-1980) was a British leather, rubber, and PVC fetish magazine published by designer John Sutcliffe. In 1981 it became two magazines: AtomAge Rubberist and AtomAge Bondage (which contained more overt S&M content).

Accord (Illustrated Press [S.R.A. Publications], East Molesey, Surrey) came out in 1973. This digest-sized 6 x 9-inch journal resembled an old-fashioned chapbook with articles, fiction, and correspondence involving fetish fashion, dominance and submission, rubber, stockings, equestrian attire, and the like. Illustrated Press also put out Search and Relate. Other U.K. magazines of the period include Crack and Command (Red Lion Publishing Company, Chatsworth, 1975) and Canus (Ben's Books Ltd., London, 1977). Frolic, from Nostalgia Publications, relied on old-style uniformed schoolgirl fetishism – inspired by the popular St Trinian's School film series – billed as "Glamour like it was in the 50s and 60s."

Classic Fetish Films (Tao Productions, Hollywood, 1976), Fetish Films Quarterly (Roxbury Press/Platinum, 1976-83), Fetish in Films, Spanking Movie Review (Tao, 1979-?) and the French magazine Cinerotika are the earliest periodicals based entirely on stills taken from kink-specific 8mm stag reels, X-rated features, and sexploitation films. They featured a mix of color and black and white photos of spanking, bondage, enemas, etc.

In Los Angeles, California, House of Milan (HOM Inc.) was busy producing 8mm bondage-discipline film loops and a line of slickly-produced magazines, most featuring femdom-based bondage/spanking photos. Titles include Knotty (1971-2000), Hogtie (1972-1992), Bitch (1972), Amazon (1973), Femme Fatale, Captured (1975-1999), Punished (1978-2001), and Dominique (1974). (See photos.)

In the 1980s HOM released many more periodicals including Mistress Quarterly (1983), Slave Auction (1985-1992), Strict (1982-1997), Whipmistress (1984), and Super Bitch (1985). Plus they sold photo-packs (8 images for $3), many of which were reprinted in a series of PHOTO PACKS magazines that contained over 230 photos per issue.

These magazines also provided a place for the makers of clandestine 8mm spanking/bondage stag reels to advertise their films. While the majority of these film producers remain unknown, a few, such as HOM Inc. and Nu-West (later, Nu-West/Leda Productions) would go on to become major providers of fetish videos, as well as magazines, in the 1980s.

This period also saw a rediscovery of the all-but-forgotten Irving Klaw and Bettie Page. Special tribute magazines began to appear starting with A Nostalgic Look at Bettie Page (Eros-Goldstripe, 1976, photo). This was followed by Betty Page in Bondage (Lyndon Books, c. 1977-79), the multi-volume The Bound Beauties of Irving Klaw 1947-1963 (London Enterprises Ltd, 1978), and Betty Page, Private Peeks (Belier Press, Inc., 1980).

Mainstream publishers also began to take notice of the changing times. The notorious September 1975 cover of the humor magazine National Lampoon shows (in a parody of Norman Rockwell's The Saturday Evening Post paintings) a shapely college girl getting a bare-ass spanking from her professor. Starting in 1972, the British men's magazine Mayfair began its Carrie comic strip which includes caning scenes. Penthouse had its first bondage/spanking pictorial in 1976 and featured a kinky comic strip (Oh, Wicked Wanda!, 1973-1980) that occasionally included spanking scenes. Its main competitor, Hustler, would go on to produce a raunchy fetish magazine of its own called Taboo.

The 1980s[edit]

Painting based on the cover photo of Dominatrix Domain. Jacqueline Omerta disciplines Tanya Foxx (Jameslovebirch, 2012).

A new wave of fetish magazines emerged in conjunction with the booming home video market of the 1980s. Nearly all of the major underground spanking video producers (London Enterprises, House of Milan, Harmony Concepts, Nu-West/Leda Productions, Shadow Lane, et al.) as well as many smaller companies began publishing their own photo-magazines and illustrated catalogs that included lifestyle features.

Nu-West launched Home and School Discipline Review (1983), CP (1988), and other small booklets with black and white photos that promoted their videos along with industry news, letters, and advertisements. The size and format was reminiscent of earlier publications from the '50s and '60s. Later they published the glossy Nu-West International Discipline Review, the femdom-related Ma'am, Mistress, The Ledagram (promoting its Leda division), Flag Concepts Catalog (1994) for a line of flagellation videos, and other small magazines. All of these were centered around their product lines (videos, audio tapes, stories, and comics), essentially turning their catalog into a series of subscription-based mini-magazines.

More ambitious publications such as London's Spank Hard, HOM's Whipmistress, and Shadow Lane's Stand Corrected were glossy, full-size periodicals packed with spanking photos (a mix of color and black & white), articles, and sometimes amateur snapshots from their readers. These lifestyle-oriented magazines usually featured spanking stories (sometimes fan fiction), letters, spanking art, interviews, editorials from industry celebrities (Jacqueline Omerta, Eve Howard, et al.), humor, cartoons, book and video reviews, reader surveys, ads from video producers, and spanking personals.

Some, such as Behind the Scene from Brooks Applications, also provided a place for professional disciplinarians (including video stars Isabella Sinclaire, Dana Specht, and Janet Beckwith) to advertise their services.

The majority of these periodicals, including Bondage Life from Harmony Concepts, have a female-submissive theme. Some are all-female (F/F), while others feature a mixture of F/F and M/F content. Femdom video producers (Brooks Applications, et al.) have also put out male-submissive magazines.

London Enterprises, through its Lyndon Distributors Ltd. imprint, is one of the more prolific publishers in this category with Art of Spanking, Spanked, Spanker's Guide, Spanker's Porfolio, Spanker's World, Over the Knee Spanking, Red Butts, Red Cheeks, and Red Cheeks Bonanza.

Video-related magazines[edit]

A pair of out-of-print spanking magazines from the '90s.

The other type of video industry publication is the "tie-in" magazine created to promote the sale of underground bondage and spanking films. This includes movie review journals such as Spanking Video (California Star), Spanking Movie Review (Tao Productions), Spanked Ladies (Platinum Video), and single-issue special editions entirely devoted to a specific video title. In both cases, the photos are stills taken from the movie itself or posed during the film's production.

London, and its subsidiary House of Milan, was especially adept at cross-promoting their videos this way while creating a second revenue stream with their "based on the video" magazines. Customers could purchase videos such as Maid for Spanking, The Disciplinarians, Girls School Spanking, and Bondage Cheerleaders or their companion magazines of the same name. These were especially easy to produce as the content was all photos from the movie plus some bits of text to describe the plot.

However, this is not an entirely new idea. Irving Klaw did the same type of cross-promotion back in the 1950s. While making his 8mm bondage and spanking film-loops, he would simultaneously shoot hundreds of still photos. Many of these photographs became best-sellers and helped to increase sales of his stag films.

One negative effect among companies with less diligent quality control than London and HOM, is the intrusive clicking and whirring of still cameras and the glare of flash-bulbs going off during a video. These distractions often destroy the fantasy the film has tried to create. The low-budget videos from Nu-West in the '80s and '90s are especially noteworthy for this practice.

The 1990s to the present[edit]

By the 1990s the always-precarious publishing industry was facing a disastrous decline in revenue—continuing a downward trend from the previous decade. Hundreds of small and mid-sized publishers were forced to close their doors or sell out to one of a handful of large corporations. This overall consolidation of the industry continues to the present day. Magazine sales continue to decline as publishers scramble to remain competitive. Countless periodicals have been discontinued, including nearly all of the spanking magazines created in the '70s and '80s.

At the same time, the rapid rise of the Internet added fuel to the fire. Print publications now had to compete with an ever-expanding array of online media such as professional and amateur news-based websites, blogs, free image archives, and sellers of streaming videos and online publications (e-magazines, E-books).

In order to stay in business, some companies have transitioned from print to digital publishing in the hopes of targeting various niche audiences who find their entertainment online.

But traditional print magazines have not all faded away. The venerable Janus is one of the sole survivors from the past – although their famous London storefront office has recently closed. The company has transferred its business to an online website. Another vintage British magazine, Roué, has been relaunched, along with a new line of DVDs and reissues of classic videos from the '80s. Various fetish, bondage, and femdom periodicals still exist such as the British version of Bizarre and London Life (in print since 1977). As late as 1998, London Enterprises put out Alexis Payne's Video Profiles, featuring stills from many of her BDSM videos. (photos).

Shadow Lane released The Art of Spanking in 2010. The U.K. has several new magazines in print: ITC Spanking (started in 2008), Chastised, Get Spanked (launched in 2011), and from Daisy Publications: Hanky Spanky, Red Hot Botts, Rawhide, Burning Bums, Weals & Welts and Whacko.

List of spanking magazines[edit]

The following is a list of spanking magazines (printed in the U.S. unless marked otherwise) sorted alphabetically. Most titles are no longer published or issued regularly. Few, if any, were monthly publications. These magazines were mainly issued on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Montage of vintage fetish magazines.
Joe Shuster illustration for Nights of Horror (1953-54).
Sketch by Jameslovebirch based on '60s magazine Silk Stocking Spankers (2012).
  • Abduction: Concept in Bondage & Sexual Slavery (Eros-Goldstripe, Wilmington, DE), late 1970s-80s
  • Accord (U.K., Illustrated Press), launched 1973
  • Aching Asses (Eros-Goldstripe), 1970s
  • Across the Knee (1960s-70s)
  • A Good Spanking (Lyndon Distributors Ltd.), M/F, F/F, 1990s
  • Amateur Spanking (Parliament Publications), 1970s-90s
  • The Art of Caning (Gordon Publication, Canada), 1966
  • The Art of Spanking (Shadow Lane), one volume issued so far (2010).
  • Art of Spanking (Lyndon Distributors Ltd.), 1980s-90s
  • Assbusters (Star Publications), 1970s
  • Ass Man (Eros-Goldstripe), 1980s
  • Ass Slappers (Erect Publishing Company, Inc./Magcorp), 1980s
  • Awakenings (Sassy Bottoms)
  • B&D (Beauty & Domination), Eros-Goldstripe, 1980s-90s
  • Bared Affair Magazine (online webzine)
  • Behind the Scene (Jennifer Brooks, Brooks Applications), 1995-2009
  • Bitch (House of Milan), 1972, photo
  • Bitchcraft (Eros-Goldstripe), 1970s occult-themed BDSM
  • Bitches with Whips, "Dedicated to Female Dominance" (1990s)
  • The Bitch Goddesses (Eros-Goldstripe), 1970s
  • Bizarre (published by John Willie), 1946-1959
  • Bizarre (U.K.), fetish magazine currently in print
  • Bizarre Bondage (Rainbow Publications), 60s-70s
  • Bizarre Films (1970s)
  • Bizarre Life (Consolidated Publishing Inc.), 1966-1971
  • Bizarre Spanking Club (Satellite Publishing Company), late 1960s
  • Bizarre Spankings (1980s)
  • Black 'n' Blue (c. 1970s)
  • Blazing Backsides (1990s)
  • Blazing Bottoms (Eros-Goldstripe), 1980s
  • Blushes (U.K., M/F), 1984-90s, Issue 4 photos
  • Blushes Supplement, aka The Supplement: from the House of Blushes (U.K., M/F), 1985-90s
  • The Bound Beauties of Irving Klaw 1947-1963 (London Enterprises Ltd), 1978
  • Bound to Obey (60s-70s)
  • Bondage Annual (Centurian Publications), 1980s
  • Bondage Life "The Magazine For and By Bondage Lovers" (Harmony Concepts), 1980s-90s (Bondage Life 57)
  • Bondage Movie Review (Tao Productions), 1975-1983
  • Bondage World (House of Milan),1980s-90s
  • The Bottom Line Review (video r eviews), 1980s
  • Bottoms Up (Esoteric Press), M/F 1980s
  • Bound and Gagged (M/M)
  • Burning Asses (Eros-Goldstripe), 1970s
  • Burning Asses (Satyr Publications, Inc.), 1970s
  • Burning Bums (U.K., Daisy Publications), c. 2000s
  • Cane Comfort (Mutrix), 1960s
  • Caning (launched 1974)
  • Chains & Whips (Holly Publications, Hollywood, 1982)
  • Chastise (launched 1974)
  • Chastised (U.K.), currently in print
  • Chastisement (Parliament News/Holly Publications), launched 1984
  • Cheeky Times (c. 1980s-90s)
  • Cinerotika (France, 1970s-80s)
  • Classic Fetish Films (Tao Productions, Hollywood, launched 1976)
  • Command (Parliament Publications), F/M, 1975-90s
  • Corporal (magazine) (Consolidated Publishing Inc./Eros-Goldstripe) 1960s-70s
  • Corporal (Gordon Publication, Canada), 1967
  • Corporal (Leg Tease), F/M, M/F, 1980s
  • Corporal Contacts (U.K., M/M), 1980s-90s
  • Corporal Digest (1980s)
  • Corporal Dreams (Lyndon Distributors Ltd.), 1990s
  • Corporal Quarterly (Esoteric Press), 1970s
  • Corporal Video Review (Esoteric Press), launched 1985
  • Corpun (1956)
  • CP (Nu-West), launched in 1988
  • CP Pocket Journal (U.K.), 1982
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  • CP Punishment (Parliament Publications), c. 1990s
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  • Crimson Cheeks (1980s)
  • Crisp Bottoms (1980s)
  • Cruella (F/M)
  • Cul d'Or (U.K.) 1989-98
  • Das neue Flagellanten Forum (German) website
  • Dear Blushes (U.K.), based on letters sent to Blushes
  • Der gelbe Onkel (Germany), "The yellow uncle", a euphemism for the cane.
  • Derriere and New Derriere (U.K., from Janus), 1979-81
  • Discipline and Desire (Delta/Eros Publishing), 1970s, photos
  • Discipline Digest (Gordon Publications), 1967
  • Dr. Lamb Library
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  • Dominate (Hollywood: Bizarre Book Co.), c. 1959-1960
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  • Good Spanking (Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment), 1990s
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  • Whips & Chains (Germany)
  • Whispers (U.K., from the publishers of Blushes), 1985-86
  • Woman to Woman Spanking (Scarlett Hill), F/F, still in print
  • Woodshed (M/M) defunct
  • World of Bizarre (Eros-Goldstripe/Parliament News), 1970s, photos
  • The World of Nu-West (Lyndon Distributors Ltd.), launched 1994
  • Zucht und Ordnung, a German gay spanking magazine also known as Z & O, mid-1980s to 1995

Spanking videos[edit]

A selection of spanking videos in which spanking magazines are a central plot point in the story.

  • A Real Spanking (GoodSpanking Classics), a copy of GoodSpanking magazine provides punishment inspiration (photos)
  • The Annabelle Lee Stories 3: Naughty Annabelle (GoodSpanking Classics), a stash of spanking magazines leads to trouble (photos)
  • Mom's Secret Magazine (Dana Kane Spanks), Fiona Murphy is caught at school with a magazine, photos
  • Turning Her Little Bottom Bright Red (GoodSpanking Classics), girl regrets finding Chelsea Pfeiffer's feature in Good Spanking magazine (photos, video)
  • Will The Cane Make You Behave? (Red Stripe, c. 2020), Kami Robertson is caned for reading an issue of Kane (photos).


  • Magazine Spankings - The group includes images and general discussion of male/female adult (no children) spankings in mainstream magazines,newspapers and comics.
  • Magazine Spankings 2 - The group - like its companion group Magazine Spankings - includes images and general discussion of male/female adult spankings in mainstream magazines,newspapers and comics.
  • Magazine Spankings 3 - The group - like its companion groups Magazine Spankings and Magazine Spankings 2 - includes images and general discussion of male/female adult spankings (no children) in mainstream magazines,newspapers and comics.
  • OTK Supreme - This group is dedicated to the compilation and discussion of favorite Over-the-Knee (OTK) spanking images - photos and drawings (including comic art). The group is meant to complement its sister mainstream spanking groups - magazinespankings and filmspankingpromotions.
  • Blushing Paddled Cuties - Pictures of spanking and humbling in the traditional way, from old UK magazines.

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